When Relocating, Should I Use a Mattress Bag or Cover?

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Think loading a mattress into the back of your moving truck is all there is to it? To rethink Both innerspring and memory foam mattresses are easily damaged during relocation, so protective mattress bags are mandatory. Your saggy mattress is more likely to get dirty and wrinkled without a mattress cover. If this happens, good night dreams will become the first of many sleep disturbances. One of your most undervalued and important possessions is your bed. True, high-quality mattresses can be expensive. These bedroom accessories can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more, easily making them more expensive than the bed itself. We recommend covering your mattress before you move, even if it isn't your top priority. Find out more about mattress bags, including where to buy one, in this comprehensive guide.

Mattress encasements are what?

We highly recommend getting in the habit of using a mattress bag the next time you relocate. You can fit a twin, full, queen, or king-sized mattress in one of these sturdy plastic bags. No matter the size of your mattress, there is a cover available to protect it. Mattresses are safe from dirt, dust, and light thanks to the high-quality material. Protect your mattress from water damage and pests (like bed bugs and mice, eww) with a mattress bag cover before putting it into storage. ) A mattress bag should be made of thick, waterproof plastic, and should come from a reputable and well-reviewed manufacturer.

When relocating, why do I require a mattress bag?

One of the most expensive items in your home can be easily protected with a plastic mattress bag cover. You should use a mattress cover or bag when relocating for three primary reasons: 1) to prevent bed bugs; 2) to protect your mattress from water damage; and 3) to maintain your mattress's pristine condition during storage.

Mattress pests and bed bugs are a common problem when relocating or storing mattresses. After all, a moving truck or storage unit may contain hazardous materials. Bed bug awareness is especially important if you are relocating to a large city where pests are common. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of uninvited visitors. When moving or storing a mattress, water damage is another major consideration. When you move, your mattress will be open to the elements (think: rain, snow, or sleet) for an extended period of time. Your mattress is at risk of getting damaged (or even ruined) if it gets wet while being transported. Last but not least, use a mattress bag when moving to protect your mattress's condition. It will keep your mattress's springs in good working order and also shield it from the elements.

Where can I buy mattress protectors, and who makes them?

It's not simple to disassemble a bed and transport a mattress. Mattress bags and other moving supplies make it easy to prevent damage to these items during transport. Fortunately, it's not hard to track down a plastic mattress cover for transport and storage. I'm looking for a mattress bag retailer Here are five convenient places to buy mattress cover bags.

  • Mattress bags and plastic moving covers for other furniture items like couches and chairs are available at U-Haul's online store. There are a variety of mattress bag options, including both standard and pillow top plastic covers. U-Haul also provides an extra layer of protection from insects and other pests with their mattress bags.
  • UBoxes carries a wide variety of mattress bag sizes, in addition to dust covers and box spring/mattress foundation sets, for both king and queen mattresses. Customers who need to transport multiple mattresses can purchase mattress covers in bulk from the shop.
  • The Home Depot carries a wide variety of plastic mattress covers in both queen and king sizes, making it easy to protect your mattress during a move or while it's in storage.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement carries hypoallergenic bed covers in addition to the standard plastic mattress bags. Made from a cotton-like material, these covers offer additional defense against dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs.
  • Amazon - Look on Amazon for a wide selection of mattress bag brands and options. The site offers mattress protectors from every major brand you can think of. It's possible that Amazon Prime members will receive free shipping.

How do I use a mattress bag to transport a mattress?

The heavy, squishy nature of a mattress means that it must be moved carefully. Using a rented truck, here are seven steps for packing and transporting a mattress.

  1. The very first thing you should do is go out and buy a mattress bag. Before you dismantle the bed and move the mattress, make sure you have everything else you'll need to move set up and ready to go. A good mattress bag should be watertight, long-lasting, and highly rated.

  2. No one should attempt to move a mattress on their own. Mattresses are not only bulky and heavy, but they also block your line of sight, making it extremely challenging to move. Get at least one helping hand in and out of the house, whether it's a friend, family member, or professional.

  3. Third, strip the bed of its covers: sheets, quilts, blankets, and pillows. Linens should be washed before being packed away in boxes. When you're finished packing, take the boxes out of the bedroom so there's room for the mattress. You can move the heavy mattress without worrying about falling over moving boxes.

  4. Make sure your mattress is clean and dry before putting it in the bag. Otherwise, you might have a mildew issue. Mattresses can be stored in a mattress bag after being cleaned. Close the bag tightly. If you really want to make sure the bag doesn't slide off the mattress, you can always tape over the holes.

  5. Moving a mattress requires special care if your home has narrow doorways, steep stairs, or hallways. To make sure you don't get stuck, it's a good idea to open any doors that will need to be used, to clear any hallways of clutter, and to measure the height difference between the stairwell's ceiling and floor in advance. From the bedroom to the moving truck, remember to transport the mattress in a vertical position.

  6. We recommend loading the mattress onto the truck in an upright position to prevent it from being crushed by heavy moving boxes and furniture. This will also aid in making the most efficient use of the space in your moving truck. Use tie-downs to keep the mattress from moving around during transport.

  7. Finally, we recommend lying your mattress flat (not upright) while storing it in a storage unit or garage for an extended period of time. The reason Your mattress's inner coils won't be as stressed if you lay it flat to store it. Storing your mattress vertically can cause damage to the structure of the mattress.

Need assistance transporting a mattress?

More than one person is usually needed when relocating a mattress. Those who are in need of a dependable moving company for the big day can look up recommendations on Moving. The vast moving company database at com Finding and hiring a reliable moving company has never been simpler thanks to our website. Our network only includes licensed and insured moving companies; your move is in good hands. It's possible that you'll need assistance with both the logistics of the move itself and the hiring of laborers. Check out our move planner tool for moving checklists, personal tasks lists, email reminders, and discounts to help you stay organized during the move. I hope your move goes smoothly.

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