Tips on Raising Your Mattress in Three Easy Steps

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Some people will put their bed frames on cinder blocks to make them taller, while others will use locking casters that screw onto the legs of their bed frames. Oh, what a pain!

Bed risers, box springs, Bunkie boards, cinder blocks, screw-on caster wheels, or drilling holes for wheels are all cumbersome options for elevating a mattress. Here are three simple methods that will work with any type of mattress, whether it's memory foam, a hybrid, or just a traditional bed.

Put a Mattress Pad On It

The purchase of a mattress topper is a simple way to increase the height of your bed. Leesa's bedding embellishment consists of two inches of our proprietary memory foam, guaranteeing supple support and a good night's sleep An inexpensive mattress topper can double as a Cover for the Mattress Really, at this point, how could anyone possibly dislike it?

Use of mattress toppers has a number of advantages.

  • More padding

  • Increased wintertime warmth

  • Enhanced blood flow

  • Reduced aches and pains in your muscles, bones, and joints.

  • Quality of sleep has improved

  • Calmed nerves

  • Keeping your bed safe

You can use a mattress topper or protector regardless of whether you want to raise the height of your bed or not. A mattress topper is an easy solution if you need to slightly increase your bed's height.

Change to a bed that slouchs

Let's say you and your bedmate don't share the same sleeping habits. For example, sleep apnea, asthma, and GERD are all related to breathing problems. Bed that can be adjusted to accommodate different sleeping positions Using a frame is a far more refined option than a bed wedge. The bed's head is elevated using bed wedges placed on the frame under the mattress. Using a bed wedge can be helpful, but it may disrupt your sleeping partner. Therefore, you should think about getting an adjustable bed frame.

Leesa's A Bed Frame That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Your Needs fits two twin XL mattresses, so one person can sleep sitting up while the other lies completely flat Alternatively, you can use your existing (or new) Leesa mattress with your movable bed frame. Either way, elevating your mattress is as simple as pressing a button, saving you the trouble of a bed wedge. People's mouths tend to drop open when they see how much an adjustable bed will cost. The investment in a bed that can be adjusted to your needs will pay dividends in ease of use, restful sleep, and even physical well

Set your mattress on a foundation.

Putting a mattress in there You can also raise the height of your bed by using a foundation. The 15-inch-high sleep surface of a Leesa platform bed is a luxury. Directly placing the mattress on the foundation creates a taller bed, while the birchwood legs and gray upholstery give it a contemporary look.

The flat base foundation from Leesa can also be used on top of our bed frame Adding 14 inches to your bed's height. Five inches up from the ground Alternatively, you can raise the height of your bed by placing box springs directly on top of the Leesa bed frame and then adding your mattress. It is important to remember that the weight capacities of various bed bases vary. Be sure to check weight limits before purchasing a new mattress or foundation if you or a family member weighs a lot.

When deciding on a bed, how high should it be?

Let's grab a tape measure and figure out the ideal height for your bed. A difference of even a few inches in your sleeping and morning conditions is possible.

  • Take a measurement from your kneecap to the floor.

  • Make a mental note of your bed's height, and deduct an additional inch to account for pillows and blankets.

  • As a result, your bed can finally be at the ideal height!

The standard bed height is 25 inches, so you can calculate how many inches to add to your frame based on this. People with chronic pain can benefit greatly from the ease of access provided by taller beds, as they make getting in and out of bed much less of a struggle.

However, if you are a senior or a person with a physical disability, there is an exception to this rule. Those in wheelchairs attempting a one-person transfer to a bed may have difficulty with a standard 25-inch bed height, so the standard has been adjusted. A person who is elderly, has suffered a spinal injury, or has a physical disability should have a bed that is between inches 20 and 23

Is There Any Advantage to Having a Taller Bed?

For what reason would you want a loftier bed? Putting in a higher bed can help in a number of ways.

  • Simple access for getting in and out of bed, even if you have a high bed.

  • By making some room in the closet, we can store more

  • Aesthetics

Comfortable Mobility

A taller bed is a must-have for anyone over six feet tall. If you want to relax, put your feet up on the side of the bed and sit up straight. And you need to be able to get out of bed rapidly or get into bed without stumbling over bed risers or caster wheels so you can get some shut-eye.

The Need for a Place to Put Things

A taller bed allows for more space under it, which can be useful if your bedroom is cramped or you don't have access to a lot of closet or drawer space. You can store seasonal clothing, gift wrap, and other items that would normally live in a closet in that extra space.


A higher bed may look particularly at home in a bedroom with a high or vaulted ceiling. In a similar vein, many antique bed frames are elevated from the floor.

Purchase a Leesa Bed Here!

Whether you're in the market for a brand new bed, setting up a guest room, or just need a way to prop up your current one, here are a few creative solutions. Leesa covers your bases In addition to our award-winning mattresses, the best mattress topper ever, linens, mattress protectors, pillows, and one-of-a-kind cushions, we also sell bed frames, platform beds, adjustable bed frames, and simple foundations. Leesa can improve the look of your bedroom and the quality of your sleep.


Is there any way to improve the aesthetics of bed risers?

It all comes down to personal preference and bedroom layout. Putting on a bed skirt is a quick and easy way to disguise bed risers. This is also an excellent option for hiding an ordinary bed frame. Colorful plastic stepstools are an option if your bedroom is decorated with bright hues. Bed risers made of wood can be stained to match the legs of a bed with wooden feet or the hardwood or laminate flooring in your bedroom.

The alternatives to bed risers

Mattress foundations on Leesa bedframes, plywood platforms, memory foam mattress toppers, screw-on wheels, and even adjustable bed frames are all options for those who need to elevate their mattresses.

Without a box spring, how can you raise your mattress?

You can make your bed as tall as you like. If you only need to raise the mattress height by 1.5 inches, a box spring is unnecessary for a platform bed. The solution is a Leesa mattress topper.

For what reason are Japanese beds so low?

Because of centuries of tradition, Japanese people typically use a thick futon mattress on top of a tatami mat and a bed made of rush grass. They say it's better for your back, but earthquakes are common in Japan because the country sits on four tectonic plates. A bed with a low profile is safer during an earthquake.

Can I put a mattress on the floor?

Leesa suggests placing a mattress on slats or a foundation of some kind. Maintaining a comfortable sleeping surface and preventing any moisture damage to your mattress is as simple as ensuring adequate airflow around and under it. Use a mattress base to protect both your mattress and your spine.

In what ways can a platform bed be elevated?

Bed risers designed for this style of bed frame are available for purchase online if you need to add some height to your mattress.

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