There are 6 ingenious methods to inflate a bed without a pump.

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  1. Dryer air cooled down makes a good homemade air pump. Spread the mattress flat and place the dryer's end over the intake valve. Start the dryer while it's still set to cool air. Since the dryer and intake valve are different sizes, some air will be lost, but the mattress should still fill up over time. [1]

    • If your vacuum has a crevice tool that can fit over the dryer's end, you can use it to try to improve the seal between the dryer's valve and the dryer.
    • Avoid using a hair dryer that doesn't have a cool air setting. The vinyl and plastic parts of the mattress could be melted or deformed if exposed to high temperatures.


  1. As an alternative to a pump, you can use a vacuum that has a blowout hose. It is possible to "blow" rather than "suck" with the reverse modes of some home vacuum cleaners and many shop vacuums. Fill the mattress by turning on the vacuum with the flow direction set to "reverse," placing the end of the hose over the intake valve, and turning on the vacuum. If the hose's connection to the intake valve isn't strong enough, try attaching one of the crevice nozzles to the end of the hose. [2]

    • Even if your vacuum doesn't feature a reverse flow mode, you might still be able to use it. Take the dustbin or hose off the hook. You can use the hose to collect dirt and debris by inserting one end into the opening or pressing the hose over it. After turning on the vacuum, place the other end of the hose against the mattress' intake valve. The goal is to have air travel from the vacuum to the mattress via the tube.
  1. If you want something loud and reliable for use in your backyard, try this. Do not remove the blower's standard attachment. Place the mattress on the floor and place the blower nozzle over the intake valve. Fill the mattress with air by turning on the blower and maintaining a tight seal by cupping your hand around the end of the attachment. [3]

    • Attachments that fit the mattress's intake valve size can make the job go more quickly, just like they do with hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. Swap out the standard leaf blower attachment for a vacuum's crevice tool.
    • An electric leaf blower can be used indoors, but its noise levels should be taken into consideration. It's dangerous to operate a gas-powered leaf blower inside.


  1. You can use some tape to convert this alternative pump to serve a new purpose. You can use tape to create a better air seal between your bike pump's nozzle and the mattress' intake valve. Wrap duct tape (or another strong tape) around the intake valve and the pump's nozzle to seal it. Just like you would when filling a bike tire, you can inflate the mattress by pressing the lever of the bike pump up and down. Remember that this will take significantly longer to inflate than a bicycle tire. [4]

    • For optimal results, spread the mattress flat on the floor.
    • This device is a pump, it's true. Nevertheless, it is not a pump for an air mattress.
  1. Get a replacement valve for your air mattress to make this a better choice. Air compressors and electric air pumps are functionally equivalent when used to inflate things like mattresses; simply connect the compressor's output valve to the mattress's intake valve, turn on the compressor, and let it run until the mattress is inflated. However, it's possible that the standard valve options that come with an air compressor won't work with the mattress valve, in which case you'll need to duct tape the valves together. You could also buy a valve adapter for your air mattress online. [5]


  1. Squeeze the air out of the bag after filling it with this unexpected option. Swing the trash can lid open and close a few times so that the bag can fill with air. Tighten your grip to seal the opening and keep the air inside. Place the bag's opening over the intake valve on the mattress and pull the drawstring tight with one hand. To expedite the process, you can lay facedown on the bag while squeezing it to force air into the mattress. Reuse the same bag and refill it and repeat and do it again and again; it will be slow but effective [6]

    • Choose a heavy duty trash bag, such as a lawn and leaf bag or a contractor's bag, for the best results. Bags with a lower thickness are more likely to develop leaks and require replacement.
  1. As a last resort, try blowing air into the mattress with your lungs. Make sure the mattress's intake valve is clean by washing it or using a disinfectant. Inhale deeply, then seal your lips around the intake valve and exhale completely into the bed. Most mattresses have a one-way valve that allows you to exhale without letting air back into the bed. In the case of a two-way valve, the air will escape if you take your mouth off it. When using this valve, it is important to keep one's mouth firmly closed while breathing in and out through the nose and mouth. [7]

    • The time and effort required to complete this process will leave you exhausted. But on the bright side, once you lay down on your newly inflated air mattress, you'll be out like a light.


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