The price of shipping a mattress, please.

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There are a variety of scenarios in which mattress transport is necessary. Or perhaps you are transnational relocation , and you have no intention of buying new bedside tables and dressers any time soon Maybe you or a family member recently invested in a brand new mattress. Whatever the case may be, you should learn what the price is transportation of a mattress  

Please read this entire guide to its conclusion as we will be emphasizing some crucial factors that you must take into account.  

What Is the Mattress Shipping Distance?

The distance your mattress must travel is the primary factor in determining the final shipping cost. Costs associated with transporting goods will rise or fall depending on their destination.  

Naturally, if you're shipping it within the country, the price won't be that high. Sending it to the United States consisting of only the 48 contiguous states will cost less Nonetheless, the price will go up if you're shipping it to a location outside of the 48 contiguous states, such as Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.  

In addition, if you're sending it across the ocean, it will cost considerably more The shipping costs will also be affected by the mattresses' weight and dimensions.

Shipping a Mattress step by step guide

How Should a Mattress Be Packed for Shipping?

If you want to ship your mattress without any damage, you need to make sure it is well protected during transport. Mattress wear and tear is something you'd rather avoid. suffer harm while it was in transit  

Also, make sure the mattress is rolled up correctly and Plastic wrap it using tape After that, you can either throw it away or store it with your other linens in a box.  

Still, it's not always easy to cram an entire mattress into a suitcase. However, with some careful preparation, you can safely transport it to its final location.  

When Will I Get My Mattress?

The rate of mattress delivery also makes a significant financial impact. Choosing a faster delivery method will result in higher costs. If, for instance, the mattress can be delivered to the room of the buyer within the duration of one business day price will go through the roof and distance doesn't matter because  

But if you are looking for a super alternative and don't mind waiting a few extra days for your mattress to arrive, expedited shipping isn't the way to go. Standard shipping is a good option since it won't break the bank. You'll have to be patient, but it'll take longer to arrive.  

When Should You Ship a Mattress?

The value and type of mattress you use are two factors to consider. Consider the case of a brand-new, over-USD-700 mattress. If the cost of shipping is less than USD $400, that's still cheaper than buying a new mattress.  

However, if your mattress is quite old, you may only get a several hundred dollars Possible increase in shipping costs In this case, it's probably best to just get a new mattress.  

A mattress should be replaced at least every Age Range: 5-9 A new mattress is in order if yours is this old. Rather than shipping your old mattress to your new place of residence, you should consider purchasing a new one.  

If you're in the market for Use a truck rental service If you're going to take this route and also move the rest of your furniture, you might as well get a bigger truck to accommodate your mattress.  

Procedures for Sending a Mattress

We have compiled a list of the various stages involved in the delivery of your mattress for your reference.

You're taking apart your bed, which entails removing the mattress and the box spring.

As a first order of business, you must Take away the sheets afterwards, take apart your bed's frame. Everything on your bed, including the mattress, box spring, and box spring cover, and any stuffed animals, must be removed before the bed frame can be taken down.

Your bed frame, if you're shipping it along with your mattress, will also need to separate the parts, too If this is your first time disassembling something, it's a good idea to collect all of the nails and screws in a separate bag and write down a detailed account of the process.  

You should measure your mattress before buying.

You must also determine the size, dimensions, and weight of your mattress by taking precise measurements. Simply start by using a measuring tape to figure out the dimensions of your mattress in terms of height, width, and length.  

The weight and dimensions of your mattress can also be located on the order form you used to have it manufactured. If, however, your mole is still for sale, you can reach out to service for specifics on its dimensions and weight.  

Finding appropriate shipping costs

Now that you know what you'll be transporting, you can begin comparing shipping quotes. You need to investigate alternative choices with the resources available to you  

Is it your preference to go for FedEx or UPS; You can do a lot of different things here. Choices are available. ShipRush, DHL, and UPS all fall under the category of "transportation companies." and a few others  

You'll need to provide the following details in order to get a quote for shipping your mattress:

  • Specific categories of furniture you plan to transport
  • How much does the entire mattress weigh
  • Total bed size dimensions
  • Give me your home and phone number.
  • Details about shipping
  • Specifics on when and where to collect packages  

Prearranging a pick-up or drop-off

You can opt for delivery or pickup once you've decided on a shipping company. Occasionally, there are expenses that are beyond budget preferred alternative to the other  

However, the white glove delivery service is the way to go if you're in the market for a new mattress, as it includes in-home setup by a company representative.  

Getting your mattress ready for transport

Your mattress is, after all, the prepared for dispatch Wrapping materials like bubble wrap, packing foam, and shrink wrap can serve this function. If you need to ship a mattress, box spring, and bed frame, you can do so by wrapping all three items together.  

Set your bed inside it. encasement if you happen to have some, or you could use plastic wrap These covers typically zip onto your mattress like a duvet. practical and attractive mattress protectors


Take into account the shipping price and the value of your old mattress. The price of a new mattress should be compared to the sum spent on the old one. Mattresses should be replaced whenever their repair costs exceed the price of a new one. The result will be a more affordable option

For secure transport, vacuum-seal the mattress before packing it into the bag. After that, for added safety, you should put a mattress cover on it. When finished, stack the packages tightly in a box.

Transportation costs are calculated based on dimensions and location. It costs around to ship a mattress. You can save up to 90 dollars or more by using Easyship. You can figure out how much it will cost to ship something by using UPS's shipping calculator.

A mattress is shipped by multiple reliable carriers. Distance, dimensions, and shipping policies all affect how much an item will cost to ship. UShip, TSI Shipping, Freight Pros, FedEx, and UPS are some examples of such companies. Plus, UPS is the most budget-friendly option for transporting your mattress safely. Although typically less than 2 days, the delivery time can occasionally extend beyond that.

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