The Solution for Managing Fleets with Video Telematics

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Applications of Lytx Video Safety and Video Telematics

Promote safer driving and effectively manage fleet risk by incentivizing and acknowledging improved driver behavior with real-time alerts†, driver-centric tools, streamlined coaching workflows, and recognition.


Monitor your vehicles and assets in real time* to enhance operational efficiency, improve fuel consumption, and stay on top of maintenance through the integration of GPS tracking and video.


Ensure the smooth operation and compliance of your fleet by minimizing costs and ensuring the readiness of your vehicles for the road through preventive maintenance and driver vehicle inspections.


Maintain compliance with federal ELD mandates by streamlining ELD compliance processes and ensuring accurate reporting of hours of service through up-to-date access to driver records of duty statuses.


Serving various types of fleets

We assist fleets across diverse industries in enhancing safety and achieving operational efficiencies. Discover how companies similar to yours have utilized our solutions to achieve impressive outcomes.

Our clients experienced a total of $1.4 billion in savings on claims costs in 2022.

An impressive up to 80% reduction in claims costs for our clients.

We estimate a substantial 0 million in fuel cost savings.

"In my 32 years in the transportation business, if there was one technology I wish I had, it would be [Lytx]. It provides an additional set of eyes, proof, safeguards the driver, and protects the company." Safety Manager, Risk Management, A.D. Transport Express Read Case Study

"My client services representative is always accessible, and the entire staff is supportive. Lytx's services never falter when it comes to compliance-related issues, ensuring that we don't either." Director of Safety, CalArk Read Case Study

"The Lytx Driver Safety Program has helped us prioritize safe driving by coaching and reducing unsafe habits. We have established a culture that emphasizes the safe driving habits of our good drivers through positive recognition programs." Vehicle Safety Manager, National Grid Read Case Study

"The fleet tracking component is vital to our business. We wouldn't be able to survive without it. Our dispatch team relies solely on Lytx's fleet tracking feature to know the whereabouts of our technicians at all times." Safety and Health Manager, Smart Care Read Case Study

"Working with the telematics and video-based safety technology has given us a tremendous advantage. It has accelerated our understanding of the fleet, optimized resource utilization, and made it safer. It helps us save costs and, most importantly, save lives." SWRFT Regional Fleet Manager, United States Marine Corps Read Case Study

"The fleet video recorders allowed us to identify numerous instances of poor driving behavior, which we addressed through coaching. Over the trial period, we witnessed a 90% reduction in coachable incidents." Manager of Risk Management, Orange County, Florida, Government Read Case Study

Are you interested in becoming a reseller for Lytx?

Trusted and preferred by the world's top providers of telematics services, we offer an exceptional reselling solution for partners who want to provide their own customers with our top-notch fleet technologies, which include hardware, APIs, and a customizable platform.

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Our dedicated team is fully committed to your success. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that your company achieves exceptional outcomes. From tailoring the most suitable solutions to meet your specific business requirements, to maximizing your return on investment, we are with you every step of the way. We are constantly expanding based on valuable feedback from our customers, using their insights to shape our innovative features and capabilities.


Our advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies are fueled by an extensive driving database, currently boasting over 221 billion miles of data. This allows us to deliver connected, precise, and actionable insights that ensure fleet safety, efficiency, and productivity. We continuously evolve and provide cutting-edge updates that simplify processes, save time, and enable customers to focus on achieving exceptional results for their business.


Over the course of more than 25 years, Lytx has emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive fleet management solutions. We specialize in addressing all your fleet needs in one place, offering powerful solutions that are seamlessly integrated. Our aim is to assist fleets in identifying risks, operating in a safer manner, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing productivity. With our intelligent and user-friendly hardware, software, and API integrations, you can access a consolidated, comprehensive overview of your entire fleet.

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