Shipping Instructions for Furnishings

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These days, no industry is off-limits to e-commerce. Shipping any size or type of product is possible. No problem with online order fulfillment is insurmountable thanks to today's state-of-the This includes instructions for transporting furniture.  

Online furniture retailers like Wayfair and others have flourished in recent years. Mattresses and bed frames can be ordered from a plethora of online-only mattress retailers. Shipping furniture is now a piece of cake thanks to their innovation. And so can you!

Is there a foolproof way for online furniture retailers to transport goods?

Furniture pieces of varying weights and dimensions require different modes of transport. Both FedEx and UPS will take packages weighing up to 150 pounds. The longest side of the box cannot be more than 108 inches (9 feet) for either service. FedEx and UPS have respective size restrictions of 130 inches and 165 inches for combined length and width.  

The maximum size for a package that can be shipped by the United States Postal Service is 108 inches in length and 130 inches in circumference. However, there is a weight limit of 70 pounds for packages sent via USPS Retail Ground.

It's possible that FedEx, UPS, and USPS ground shipping services will be adequate for sending your smaller and lighter items. FedEx and UPS even offer overnight delivery options for furniture shipments. Lighting fixtures and occasional tables, for example, are small enough to be shipped using standard carrier services. It's possible to have some pieces of furniture delivered to you without having to put them together. Product packaging, such as bookcases and bed frames, can be reduced in size as a result. But the total weight of these components must not exceed the restriction.

Freight shipping is often the most cost-effective and time-efficient option when sending large items such as appliances or entire furniture sets. If you're looking to take advantage of freight shipping, you don't have to send an entire truckload to one location.

Tips for LTL Freight Shipping of Furnishings

LTL, or less than truckload shipping, and FTL, or full truckload shipping, are the two most common methods of transporting cargo. Pallets of goods and packages that are too big or heavy for regular shipping services are no problem for LTL freight. Shipping a couch, loveseat, dining room set, or bedroom suite via LTL is a great option.  


Shipping LTL cargo could take a little longer than using standard services. Less-than-truckload shipments are frequently transferred between different vehicles en route. Speed is an advantage of FTL shipping because it travels directly from origin to destination. Numerous businesses provide urgent LTL shipping options if FTL isn't feasible. For even quicker delivery, try air freight.

Now, more than ever, LTL shipping is simple to use. Furniture can be shipped via freight in a number of different ways. It's best to contact the carriers with which you already have established relationships. Shipments sent via LTL have cheaper rates for account holders.

Transport category

Your freight class is one of the factors that will affect the price of your furniture shipping. What you are shipping and the density of your package (weight per unit of volume) determine your freight class. You can use FedEx's LTL Freight Classification Tool to find out what category your shipment falls into.

Drayage truck

Express Freight by UPS

UPS is a transportation company that specializes in less-than-truckload (LTL), full-truckload ( UPS Freight allows you to ship packages anywhere in the world, not just in the United States. UPS's freight options range from standard ground shipping to LTL Guaranteed and LTL Guaranteed A. M Urgent services for LTL shipments Use this UPS form to get a price estimate for a less-than-truckload delivery.

Transport by FedEx

FedEx's freight options include less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and express freight. An online freight shipping quote service is available.

Variations on LTL Freight Services

LTL freight can be shipped via a wide variety of trucking companies, not just FedEx and UPS. You can rely on these freight-only logistics companies for both one-off and ongoing eCommerce freight needs.  

How much does it cost to send a couch?

The price of furniture shipping depends on a number of factors. What you pay to ship freight depends on its classification. Considerations include the quality of service provided and the availability of special pricing.

We calculated the cost of standard ground shipping for a package of 70 pounds and 130 inches in length and width. In our made-up scenario, the package was leaving San Francisco for a DC suburb.  

how to ship furniture

FedEx Home Delivery guarantees delivery within 5 business days. This service has a retail shipping price of $373. 67 Prices for FedEx Standard Overnight shipping start at $1,520. 33 For $318 more, UPS Ground could deliver the package the next day. 11 UPS Next Day Air Saver, which provides overnight shipping, will set you back $1,181. 79 Only USPS's Business Ground service is compatible with this package. Price of transporting is $136. 27 Up to nine days may be needed for delivery.

The online calculation of freight service rates is not as intuitive. Get in touch with your chosen shipping company for information on rates, discounts, and expected delivery times.

Hints on how to pack up your furniture

Precise packing is essential when sending bulky items like furniture. Products that arrive dented or torn are more likely to be sent back. When possible, you want to ship your items in the smallest box possible to cut down on shipping costs.

Dimensional weight (DIM weight) is a formula used by shippers to calculate rates based on package dimensions. You will be charged for the DIM weight of a package regardless of its actual weight. While this won't be an issue for most pieces of furniture, it may be a concern for lighter pieces like lamps and chairs that don't come in flat packages.  

how to pack furniture

Some tips on how to safely ship furniture are provided below.

  • Pack your heavy stuff into a big box. In order to keep your large item safe, you'll need some thick cardboard.
  • Flatten the item and pack it if you can after disassembling it. In that case, take apart the parts you can (such as the legs of a table or chair). Because of this, you can use a significantly smaller box for shipping. More infill is unnecessary, and your package will be safer as a result. A customer can also easily attach these to the receipt.   
  • Protect the furniture from dirt and scratches by wrapping it in plastic before transporting it.
  • Protect the corners with Styrofoam or cardboard shims so they don't get dinged.
  • If the box needs to be reinforced, use some thick packing material like Styrofoam or molded cardboard.
  • Straps on the outside of the box are a good idea if the contents are particularly heavy.
  • A bill of lading is required for all freight deliveries. Most shipping companies have the appropriate forms available for download and completion.
bubble wrap

Furniture shipping is a specialty of 3PLs.

And no, you need not handle the packing and shipping of furniture orders on your own. The 3PL company you work with can advise you on the most efficient shipping method for each order. Trust in your fulfillment partner to safely pack each box and make plans to cut down on DIM weight.  

With regards to heavy and bulky fulfillment, nobody does it better than Red Stag Fulfillment. For the past five years in a row, our company has been named the best fulfillment center for large and expensive items. Our warehouse was built with wide aisles and sturdy packing counters in mind, so even the largest items can be stored and shipped with ease. There may be products out there that are too large for us to ship, but we haven't come across them yet. Please feel free to contact us, as we'd be happy to discuss furniture shipping options with you.

3PLs know how to ship furniture
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