Revitalize Your Pack n Play Mattress: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Its ,,, Structure.

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A pack and play is a game-changer for parents with babies and toddlers (discover incredible pack and play mattresses here). With its dual-purpose design, it's a safe haven for children to play and sleep. What's more, its portability makes it easy to take on the go.

As we all know, babies spend most of their day playing and sleeping. That's why cleaning the Pack N Play and its mattress is crucial. Here are some tips and techniques to clean your pack N play mattress without any hassle.

What is a Pack and Play Mattress Made of?

The Pack and Play mattress is typically comprised of a firm mattress pad with a cardboard support to maintain its shape. You can also snag a plush Pack and play mattress online made from softer materials along with matching pillows. The best part about this mattress is that it's dual-sided. One side is firm and perfect for infants, while the other is softer for toddlers. So it grows right alongside your child.

Can you Wash a Pack and Play Mattress?

clean step by step a pack and play mattress

It's not recommended to wash the mattress in your Pack and Play unit as most contain cardboard, which can become warped if submerged in water. However, you can deep clean it by following the instructions manual carefully.

Steps to Clean a Pack and Play Mattress

Cleaning a pack N play is a multi-step process. Follow these steps to achieve a thoroughly cleaned mattress.

Wipe it Clean

Before washing the pack N Play mattress, clean it to remove any stubborn stains with a homemade vinegar solution. Mix vinegar, baking soda, and water, put it in a spray bottle, and apply it to the stains. Wipe off any remaining solution and scrub it with a rag. This solution will efficiently remove stains without causing harm. However, if the smell of vinegar is not pleasing, buy a safe cleaner from the market that eliminates any stains without being harmful to your little one.

Rinse it Properly

The next step is to rinse the vinegar or cleaning solution from the mattress. Take the pack and play mattress to a water outlet and put safe baby detergent on it. Ensure you rinse it thoroughly with plenty of water, so there's no residue left on the mattress.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively and efficiently clean your pack N play mattress, ensuring your baby is happy and healthy in a clean, hygienic environment.

Ensure the mattress remains intact while scrubbing softly to prevent any damage. After washing, ensure proper drying from both sides under direct sunlight, which can help eliminate germs and prevent mold formation, even neutralizing any foul odors.

If your Pack N play gets smelly after washing and has excrement stains, clean it with detergent, baking soda, and warm water at least twice. Leave it under the sun for several hours. If smells persist, replace it. Soak the Pack N play in warm, soapy water for an hour, then brush off the stains to eliminate any residual odors.

For tougher stains, repeat the above steps using more concentrated vinegar solutions and avoiding the use of a brush, which can damage the mesh. Alternatively, cover the mattress with a waterproof sheet to prevent tough stains and ease cleaning.

Mold formations on the mattress require immediate action. Take the mattress out of the house, spray vinegar or isopropyl alcohol and water on the stains, wipe them off, and pat dry. Place it under sunlight to rid it of spores.

When cleaning, always use a clean towel, rag, or cloth with a gentle cleaning agent and read the instruction manual carefully beforehand. Air-dry the mattress before placing it in the Pack N Play, avoiding submersion, use of a washing machine, harsh bleach, or a hard brush that could break off the mesh.

Removing spit-ups from the Pack N play mattress is as easy as filling two bowls with soapy warm water and normal water and using three rags. Employing these simple steps will leave your mattress free of any odors.

To begin cleaning, start by wiping away any spit-up using a wet rag and warm, soapy water. It is important to clean vigorously to ensure proper sanitation. Next, use a separate rag and clean the soapy water with normal water. Finally, take a third rag and remove any excess water from the mat.

After cleaning, leave the mat in a dry place or expose it to sunlight to eliminate any lingering germs.


For families with kids, a Pack n Play provides a safe and convenient space for little ones. However, to prevent any health issues, regular cleaning is crucial. Use baby-safe washing detergent for optimal safety and avoid using harsh chemicals.

Avoid placing the mat in a dryer as most mats contain cardboard, which can lose its shape in the washing machine. Instead, clean the mat gently with a cloth or rag, and allow it to air dry completely.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can still be an issue even with a Pack n Play. To eliminate them, use steam to pass over the entire unit and mattress. High temperatures are fatal for bed bugs, and the steam will effectively eliminate them.

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