Price of shipping a mattress, please.

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There are a number of scenarios in which you might need to ship a mattress. Potentially, you are departure to a new country don't intend to buy new bedside tables Maybe you or a family member recently invested in a brand new mattress. Whatever the case may be, you should learn expense amount send a mattress  

Don't stop reading until you've seen our final recommendation; we've included some crucial information in this manual.  

In what direction does the mattress go for transport?

Your mattress' shipping price will be determined largely by how far it must travel. The total shipping cost can go up or down depending on how far the item needs to travel.  

The price won't be too high if you're just sending it across the country. Delivering it to the landlocked USA can be purchased for less money If you're shipping something to a location outside of the 48 contiguous states, like Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, you can expect to pay more.  

Obviously, if you're sending it across the ocean, it will drive up the price a lot The shipping costs will also be affected by the mattresses' weight and dimensions.

Shipping a Mattress step by step guide

How Should a Mattress Be Packed for Transport?

If you want to safely ship your mattress, you'll need to give some thought to how you pack it. Mattress wear and tear is something you'd rather avoid. break down while it was in transit  

Also, make sure the mattress is rolled up correctly and put it in plastic wrap using tape After that, you can either throw it away in a storage unit or pack it away with your other linens.  

In the end though, it can be challenging to pack up your entire mattress. In any case, if you know what you're doing, you can safely transport it to its final destination via shipping services.  

When Will I Get My Mattress?

The rate of mattress delivery also plays a major role in the total price. Shipping via express will set you back the most money. If, for instance, the mattress can be delivered to the customer within a full day of work price will go through the roof and distance doesn't matter because  

But if you're looking for a super alternative and don't mind waiting a few extra days for your mattress to get there, expedited shipping isn't the way to go. Standard shipping is a good option because of the low price. But, of course, the wait time will be longer.  

Is It Cost-Effective to Ship a Mattress?

A lot is riding on the make and value of your mattress. If you paid more than US0 for a brand-new mattress, for instance, and you haven't even slept on it yet, you may It would be more cost-effective to ship the mattress for around USD 400 than to buy a new mattress.  

However, if your mattress is quite old, you may only get a money amounting to a few hundred You could spend more on shipping than you expected. In this case, it would be best to get a new mattress.  

A mattress should be replaced at least every Years 5-9 Obviously, a new mattress is in order if it's been this long. Rather than shipping your old mattress to your new place of residence, you should consider purchasing a new one.  

If you're in the market for Get a truck rental for your relocation. and the rest of your furniture, it's best to go with this option and get a bigger truck so you can fit your mattress into it.  

Mattress Shipping Instructions

As a courtesy, we have outlined the various stages involved in transporting your mattress.

Taking down the bed means more than just taking off the sheets.

As a first order of business, you must Get rid of the sheets , followed by taking apart the bed's frame When you take down your bed, you also have to pack up your bedding, such as your comforter, sheets, pillows, and any stuffed animals you may have.

And if you're sending your bed frame along with it, you'll need to separate the parts, too If this is your first time dismantling something, it's a good idea to collect all of the nails and screws in a separate bag and write down a detailed account of the process.  

Taking the Mattress Dimensions

You must also determine the size, dimensions, and weight of your mattress by taking precise measurements. First, you'll need to determine the dimensions of your mattress by measuring its height, width, and length with a measuring tape.  

You can also find the weight and dimensions of your mattress on the order form you used to have it made. If, however, your mole is still for sale, you can reach out to service for specifics on its dimensions and weight.  

Obtaining transport estimates

Now that you know what you'll be transporting, it's time to get some quotes. It's imperative that you investigate options that vary with the resources available to you  

To decide which path to take, FedEx or UPS; You can do a lot of other things here, too. It's up to you whether you want to go with Companies Like UShip, Freight Pros, and TSI Shipping among others  

Your mattress shipping quote will be determined once you have provided the following details,

  • What kind of furniture do you plan on transporting?
  • The total mass of the mattress
  • What are the overall measurements for a standard bed mattress?
  • Specifics on where and how to reach you
  • Notification of Package Dispatch
  • Schedules for both delivery and pickup  

Setting up a time for collection or delivery

You can arrange for delivery or pick up from the carrier of your choice. Occasionally, there are expenses that are beyond budget on the side of one alternative over another  

However, the white glove delivery service is the way to go if you're in the market for a new mattress, as it includes in-home setup by the company's representatives.  

Packing up your bed for transport

It all comes down to your mattress. completely packaged and prepared for dispatch Shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and packing foam are all suitable alternatives. If you need to ship your mattress, box spring, and bed frame, you can do so by wrapping all three items together.  

Don't forget to tuck your mattress into encasement when available, or use plastic wrap Mattress encasements like these typically zip on and off like a duvet. mattress protectors that serve a purpose


Add the cost of shipping the new mattress to the value of your old one. Think about how much you spent on your old mattress versus how much a new one would cost. In the event that the price of restoring an old mattress exceeds the cost of a new one, you should probably place a new order for a mattress. As a result, it will be a more choice that minimizes costs

In order to transport the mattress without it getting crushed, you should use a vacuum bag to compress it. Then, for added safety, you can slip a mattress protector inside. At last, stack them inside a box until no more space remains, and then seal it.

The shipping costs are calculated based on the size and distance of the package being shipped. It costs around to ship a mattress. With Easyship, you can save as much as or more, if you order by November 18! You can figure out how much it will cost to ship something by using UPS's shipping calculator.

A mattress is delivered with due care by a number of different carriers. Distance, dimensions, and shipping policies all affect how much an item will cost to ship. Shipping companies like UShip, TSI Shipping, Freight Pros, FedEx, and UPS are among those listed. Not to mention, UPS is the most budget-friendly option for transporting your mattress safely. It usually takes no more than 2 days to get your order, but sometimes it takes a little longer.

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