One Year Later: A Deep-Dive into Our NECTAR Mattress Journey

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The initial feeling of comfort from a mattress is not always a reliable indicator of sleep quality over time. This is why we chose to give our honest review of the NECTAR mattress after using it for a year.

For over twelve months, we have been sleeping on the NECTAR mattress, and our experience has been nothing short of amazing. In a market overflowing with hastily written reviews that barely scratch the surface of the product, we wanted to provide an in-depth account that takes into consideration the mattress's performance in the long run.

Nectar Mattress

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At the end of the day, a mattress is a considerable investment, and one must take into account the longevity factor. After all, you will spend a significant chunk of your life sleeping on it, so you want it to last. This is where the NECTAR mattress hits all the right notes.

Wondering how the NECTAR mattress is shipped? It comes neatly rolled up and packed inside a fabric bag with handles, which makes it more manageable while protecting the mattress. The solution is perfect for someone who has never received a mattress through delivery before, making the process a breeze.

NECTAR Mattress Shipping Bag

Moving a mattress can be a hassle, but the inner fabric bag with handles makes this task a lot easier. When you receive your NECTAR mattress, we recommend removing the outer bag first and then using the handles to move the mattress to your bedroom.

Setting up the NECTAR mattress was a fairly easy process. Assembling the bed was a fun experience that did not require strenuous physical activity. We merely had to remove it from the outer bags, and for the plastic wrapping, NECTAR includes a tool to cut it away without damaging the mattress.

NECTAR Mattress Handle Bag

At the one-year mark, we are still in love with the NECTAR mattress, and our sleep quality has significantly improved. Comfortable and long-lasting, the NECTAR mattress gets our seal of approval.

NECTAR Mattress Expansion Time

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a NECTAR mattress to expand after you remove the plastic? Well, we have the answer for you. It only took a few hours for our mattress to be comfortable enough to sleep on, but it wasn't until 24 hours later that we truly experienced optimal comfort. After waiting for three days (72 hours), the mattress reached its full potential.

NECTAR Mattress Plastic Wrapping

We highly recommend the Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation for your NECTAR mattress. Not only is it affordable, but it's also durable enough to hold both traditional and foam mattresses. Another great feature is the ample room it provides for storage underneath.

NECTAR Mattress Complete

However, NECTAR also offers their own Adjustable Bed Frame that looks impressive. With its remote control, you can adjust the mattress to different positions, making it ideal for reading in bed.

NECTAR Mattress Expansion Process Explained

If you're curious about how a NECTAR mattress expands, we can tell you that it takes approximately 2-3 days. Although you're able to sleep on it earlier, the mattress won't reach its maximum comfort level until after a couple of days. On the other hand, the included memory foam pillows expanded much more quickly.

Our Thoughts on NECTAR Pillows and Mattress

Whether you'll like the NECTAR pillows or not is a personal preference. If you're already a fan of memory foam pillows, then you'll most likely love these. However, if you prefer "traditional" pillows like me, you may not like it. Though my husband loves his NECTAR pillow, I don't and don't use it for sleeping, but rather when I'm propped up in bed reading.

As for the mattress itself, we had a bit of an adjustment period for the first few weeks. Initially, we weren't sure if we were going to get used to the new mattress or not. But, we did! After the first month, we unequivocally agreed that the NECTAR mattress was very comfortable and allowed us to sleep soundly every night. We could tell the difference when sleeping in hotel beds or even in beds at friends/family. The best feeling was always getting back to our own mattress.

Mother Daughter on Bed

One of the things we commend about the NECTAR mattress is that it doesn't transfer motion when one of us wakes up in the middle of the night. This way, the other person can continue to enjoy their peaceful slumber. However, if you're worried about your spouse sneaking out at night, then it's not the right mattress for you!

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Our Long-Term Experience with the NECTAR Mattress

Revitalizing Update: It's been nearly two years since we invested in the NECTAR mattress, and we can confidently say that our satisfaction with it remains high. As we pass the milestone of a full year of use, we continue to cherish the unparalleled comfort and support that it provides.

A Mattress for All Occasions

The NECTAR mattress has become an integral part of our home's sleep ecosystem. Its exceptional performance has earned it a permanent position in our guest bedroom, where it has welcomed visitors from all over. We've received resounding feedback from our guests, who unanimously agree that the NECTAR provides a truly comfortable and refreshing sleep experience.

Nectar Mattress Review

A Consistent Performer

As we continue to enjoy the perks of this unique mattress, we are impressed with its remarkable resilience. With its innovative technology and unparalleled materials, the NECTAR mattress has held up admirably against use and the passing of time. We remain confident that it will continue to meet our expectations, delivering exceptional support and a restful sleep every night.

A Promising Future

As we continue our journey with the NECTAR mattress, we remain hopeful and expectant for the future. We are confident that it will continue to provide us with an unparalleled sleeping experience, ensuring that we remain refreshed and revitalized every day.

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