No more slipping mattresses with these 6 simple tricks!

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A mattress that shifts around on its frame is one of the most common causes of restless nights. Let's face it: trying to get the recommended seven to nine hours on a shifting, sliding mattress surface is like trying to sleep in one of those funhouse rooms where the floors keep moving. 1

The bright side is that there are several easy ways to fix a sliding mattress. Find out what's causing your mattress to slide, first. Then, check out our simple advice on how to prevent the mattress from moving around.

Casper mattresses are designed to provide the best night's sleep possible by striking the ideal balance between firmness, softness, and support. You won't have to worry about falling asleep on the couch again

How Come My Mattress Keeps Shifting?

If your mattress has a slippery surface, you must first determine the cause of the problem before you can fix it. The cause may lie anywhere from the age and condition of the mattress to the structure of the bed itself.  

One or more of the following are likely to blame for the frequent shifting of mattresses:

  • Age of the mattress - It's not nice to think about it, but our bodies secrete oils, sweat, and other secretions while we sleep, which can build up over time and make for a slippery bed. Over seven years of use on the same mattress should be a signal that it's time to upgrade. If you suspect you may have a bad mattress, there are a number of warning signs you should keep an eye out for.  
  • Dimensions of the mattress and bed frame must be compatible for comfortable use. There is a greater chance of the mattress slipping off into the empty space around the edges if it is too small for the frame. Stop hoping your king bed frame will fit a queen mattress and get the right size mattress instead.
  • Bed frames and slats that aren't level or are too wide can affect the stability of the sleeping surface. When you go to sleep, does your bed make noises? If that's the case, your support structure might be the root of the issue.
  • Frames that don't have rails on them may look nice, but just like uncorralled horses, your mattress may wander off. Railing can support your mattress if you toss and turn throughout the night.
  • Low levels of friction could be the cause of your slipping mattress. Different brands of latex and memory foam mattresses are infamous for having inferior traction. Casper ensures that all of our mattresses have adequate grip, but if you're using a different brand, the material may be the problem.

The Solution to the Mattress-Sliding Problem

Do you know what causes your mattress to shift and slide around during the night?  

If you're looking for a solution, we have six simple tricks that will have you sleeping peacefully—and in one spot—in no time.

First-Rate Grippers for Rug Pads

As effective as rubber pads are at preventing rugs from bunching up underfoot, they are equally useful in preventing a mattress from sliding around on the floor. They come in a wide range of sizes and prices, making them an accessible and worthwhile experiment with minimal risk.  

Simply insert the rubber pad grippers between the mattress and the slats or bed frame.

Mattress Protectors with Non-Slip Bottoms, No. 2

Mattresses can be kept from shifting with the help of non-slip mattress pads. Plus, a mattress pad is a bit more sturdy and is available in standard mattress sizes like twin, king, queen, and full. In contrast to a mattress protector or mattress encasement, a mattress pad can actually increase the overall surface cushioning.

3.Velcro Tape

Although Velcro strips have been used for many years, you may have never considered using them to secure your mattress. The mattress can be prevented from shifting from side to side by simply attaching a velcro strip to the frame at both the head and the foot.

Four, a Sucking Sound

Despite their innocuous-sounding moniker, the dust bunnies that like to make a home under your bed are anything but. Any accumulation of dust on your bed's surface, whether it be the mattress or the frame, will make your bedding more slick and facilitate mattress movement. 2 

As a quick fix, you can use the mattress/upholstery tool of your household vacuum.  

No. 5: Install a Handrail

The addition of a rail to your bed frame is another option for preventing your mattress from sliding, though this may not be appropriate in all cases. A movable railing can be bought or, if you're handy, built.

Fillers and Mattress Extenders, No. 6

A new mattress may not be necessary if the extra space between the sheets can be used to accommodate your body.  

Gap fillers and mattress extenders can be used to get the extra length or width you need without breaking the bank, and stuffing or other padding can be used for a quick fix.  

Suggestion: Get a Casper mattress.

Health problems can arise from not getting enough sleep because of a mattress that slides around during the night.

Don't let a slipping mattress keep you awake any longer than necessary.  

Is the mattress too small for your favorite bed? Possible advanced age Maybe your latex bed is too slippery for you to ever figure out how to get comfortable on it.

You should get a good night's sleep regardless of the circumstances, and a new mattress is often the fastest way there.

Here at Casper, we have an incredible selection of mattresses for your consideration. Applying these methods could prolong the life of your mattress, but sometimes a new beginning is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you think your current mattress will soon need to be replaced, you may want to research what to expect to pay for a new one.

The Original
The Nova Hybrid
The Wave Hybrid


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