My Solution to Repairing My $1000 Drooping Mattress

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Drooping Mattress

Update!! I am so thrilled about this!! I believe I MAY have actually discovered TWO GENUINE long-term solutions for all you unfortunate sleepers with a drooping mattress... because you are sleeping in a canoe of a mattress.

(and it's not purchasing an entirely new mattress)

You can still see my almost as incredible remedy below.

I stumbled upon a product called Mattress Helper. It's essentially an elongated foam piece that you place underneath your mattress (similar to my pillow idea... but longer and more consistent in shape). It has very positive evaluations on Amazon, so you might want to examine it. It is pricier than that pillow solution (below), but you might discover it to be the appropriate fix for you.


Take a look at Mattress Helper on Amazon.

The second option is this Glideaway GS-3 XS X-Support Steel Bedding Support System.

Oh my goodness. We ended up purchasing a new mattress and a few months later it was sagging more than I’d prefer. So I began my research again.

Our bed had wooden slats and it makes sense that they would have more flexibility than metal. Many individuals reviewed the Glideaway GS-3 XS X-Support Steel Bedding Support System and mentioned that it helped with the sagging issue.

Well... I purchased this and it has made a significant difference. I highly recommend it.

I believe that using either the Mattress Helper or my solution below with the Bedding Support System will assist you.

Onto the Alternative!

So approximately 4 1/2 years ago, we completed a home addition and were able to acquire a king sized bed. I was extremely thrilled!! However, that excitement faded when after only 3 years, our mattress started developing deep indentations where we slept, giving it a "sunken" appearance.

Call about the warranty, you say?.. Yes, we did that and discovered that the indentations need to be almost 2 inches deep (without anyone lying on the bed). Um... do you realize how deep that is? Needless to say, the manufacturer showed no concern for our discomfort, terrible sleep, or sagging mattress.

But my mother cared, so she purchased us a new mattress. We awkwardly tested the mattresses in the store (it's strange trying to determine if a mattress is comfortable while everyone is watching), explained our issues to the salesperson, and were assured that a new mattress would be fantastic. So my mom bought one that was on sale for approximately $1000 and it was delivered a few weeks later.

I felt relieved... so wonderful to not be sleeping in a depression... fast forward a few weeks, around a month:

Honey... does it feel like we are sinking into the mattress again?

Um, yes... you noticed it too?


That didn't take long. So we called the store... they directed us to the manufacturer.

Bed Lady: Thanks for holding, how can I assist you?

Me: I shared my story with her...

Bed Lady: Oh, I apologize, ma'am... but that is normal... all mattresses "conform" to your body.

Me: So the indentations would have to be almost 2 inches deep?...

Bed Lady: Yes, ma'am

Me: *sigh*...

So we had the bed for only approximately a month and it was just as awful as the previous bed that took 3 years to develop "holes".. $1000 wasted- why not have kept the old drooping mattress?

So we have been sleeping on dreadful drooping mattress #2 for a year while contemplating purchasing a new one. But what if the same thing happens again and we will waste another $1000 to acquire a mattress that doesn't droop?

So I started researching a solution on "how to repair a sagging pillow top mattress". There wasn't much information available, I mostly just found other people in the same predicament as us, experiencing terrible nights of sleep on lumpy beds (that they paid a significant amount of money for) with manufacturers showing no concern or taking any action because of their strong "warranties".

The only option I found were these "balloons" that you can inflate under your drooping mattress to "inflate" the sagging area. But I read the reviews and although they were decent, I think the negative ones made some valid points such as getting punctured and losing air. This makes sense when you have a king-sized mattress resting on top of a balloon all day, and then add two people at night. So that idea is not feasible.

But it got me pondering, how can we repair a sagging mattress?.. what else could be placed under the mattress to boost up the droop? What about flat pillows? So I decided to give it a try.. and you know what? It worked!! The flattest pillows in the house belonged to the girls so we simply bought them new ones (which made them very happy) that cost $4.50 each (hence the cost for the solution).

Over the course of 2 weeks, I had to adjust the pillows a bit, lifting up the mattress and shifting them slightly a few times for the best fit. But I believe I've got it now and it is much better than it was before.

I can't yet say it's perfect, but I will gladly accept a significant improvement any day. And, obviously, based on our experience, even if we were to go out and purchase a new mattress, there's no guarantee that it would be perfect. So for now, this solution works.

Have you slept on a sagging mattress? Did you simply buy a new one or did you find a solution that worked for you?


I recently had someone comment below about natural rubber (nr) latex mattresses and how they are MUCH superior to the inferior materials that most mattress companies use. So I did some research and indeed, that's what I discovered as well!! The consensus is that nr latex mattresses endure much better and droop less than regular mattresses.

So conduct your own investigation on it, I discovered one place online that sells them, Their prices are genuinely reasonable and they provide complimentary shipping. (you can also obtain them on Amazon for the same prices)

Once again.. no assurances.. but perhaps a nr latex mattress is the solution. It may be mine!

Sagging Mattress


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