Is the Purple Mattress Cover Machine Washable?

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Can You Wash a Purple Mattress Cover?

Mattress cleaning requires a number of hoop-jumping maneuvers. You can't just toss it in the washing machine to clean. What about the mattress protector, though? You would expect something that can be removed to be washable. Some thoughts on the matter come from Purple, one of the most successful mattress manufacturers in the US.

Mattress covers can be washed, but Purple suggests not drying them. Use a gentle detergent or upholstery cleaner to spot-treat the area instead.

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Purple Bedspreads

For more than two decades, Purple has been dedicated to improving how you rest. Their GelFlex Grid was designed to be both soft and firm, a quality that eludes many other mattresses.

The Grid's "hyper-elastic material" stretches and contracts with your every move to provide just the right amount of support and alleviate pressure. Due to physical properties, the Grid can yield beneath your hips and shoulders while still providing support for your lower back and legs.

Furthermore, it dissipates heat from the body to ensure a restful night. The Purple Mattress is 80% air.

The mattress is protected from messes and stains by a cover that conceals all of this awesomeness.

Quilted Mattress Protector vs. Quilted Covers

Let's get this straight right now. A mattress protector is not the same thing as a mattress cover. They both provide protection for the mattress, but for very different reasons. Purple does not share the common practice of some companies that interchangeably use the terms

Covered in SoftFlex

A Purple Mattress consists of three sections. The topmost covering is known as the SoftFlex Cover. Immediately below that is the 2-in Purple GelFlex Grid. At last, there are Cushioning Foam Layers!

Purple's mattress protector, known as the SoftFlex Cover, is among the most innovative on the market. This knitted cover is very stretchy and airy so that the GelFlex Grid can do its job effectively. The SoftFlex Cover is the final layer before a fitted sheet is placed on the mattress, as it completely encases the inner components.

Cushioned Cover for Your Mattress

It is recommended to use a mattress protector in addition to the SoftFlex cover. It's there to prevent the mattress's top layer from coming into contact with the fitted sheet.

Purple claims that their mattress protector can be cleaned with a washing machine and cold water. Furthermore, low heat drying is fine. Incorrect! The SoftFlex mattress cover requires a different maintenance routine than the one described here.

Mattress Protector Purple How to Take Care of Your Mattress Cover

The SoftFlex Cover zips off entirely, allowing for easy washing or replacement. Though it can be taken off, that doesn't mean it can be washed.

The high percentage of spandex in the fabric means it won't survive multiple washes and tumble-dry cycles. Washing and drying would cause the material to shrink, making it impossible to re-use the mattress. Moreover, doing so would cause it to lose a lot of its characteristic lightness.

Therefore, Purple advises against machine-washing or drying the SoftFlex Cover. Use a mild detergent on specific spots, just like you would with upholstered furniture.

Maintaining a Tidy Environment

Your mattress should be given a thorough cleaning every three to four months on average. The mattress should be cleaned more often if you have kids or pets. It's best to schedule cleanings every six months, at the most. Outside of spot cleaning, consider the following methods for maintaining a clean mattress.

  • Regularly washing your bed sheets is recommended. In frequency intervals of the order of once per week
  • Protect your mattress with a sheet. One is available in purple, and it's watertight!
  • Use the upholstery nozzle to vacuum your mattress. When practiced frequently, this eliminates dander, pollen, and other allergens.
  • Instantly clean up any accidents. By taking this precaution, stains can be avoided.
  • Make use of baking soda Spread a generous amount of this miracle powder across the top of your bed. Relax it for a while, the longer the better. Get rid of any lingering odors, dirt, or moisture by giving it a good vacuuming.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Stains

Everyone gets stained at some point. It's easy to overlook an accidental spill that later becomes a stain. Fortunately, it can typically be lifted.

  1. Pick the right disinfectant You should select a cleaner that is effective for the stains you have, as different products are designed to treat different stains. Proteins in biological stains like blood and urine must be broken down by an enzyme cleaner. (Some easy-to-find household ingredients are dish soap, water, and hydrogen peroxide, or a mixture of the two.) )
  2. Attempt to remove the stain by blotting. Cleaner should be sprayed onto a cloth rather than the mattress itself, and the stain should be blotted. If you've left it for 15 minutes, grab a fresh, damp towel and give it another blot. Distilled white vinegar can be used again if the stain persists after this process.
  3. Let it dry Before you put on a mattress cover or sheets, make sure your mattress is completely dry. Mold and mildew could form if trapped moisture was allowed to accumulate.

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Can you feel a difference in mattress firmness between buying a new and used Purple?

About 21 days of use are required for a person to adjust to their new Purple mattress. It's normal for your body to need a couple of weeks to readjust.

Can you rotate a Purple Mattress?

If you want to keep your mattress feeling new, flip it over once in a while. However, Purple mattresses should never be flipped as each side has different support levels. You can switch them out every three months if you like. However, it is not required to rotate. The construction of the mattress makes it so that it can stay in one place for a long time.

Can regular sheets be used on a Purple mattress?

The use of regular sheets is permitted provided they conform to a few material specifications. You need permeable sheets in order to experience the benefits of purple's breathability. All-natural fabrics like bamboo viscose and cotton make for comfortable sheets.

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Concluding Remarks

The Purple mattress' top layer, known as the SoftFlex Cover, cannot be washed in a conventional washing machine. Mild detergent applied to a clean, dry spot is the best method for cleaning the mattress cover.

To distinguish itself from a mattress cover, Purple created a mattress protector that can be machine-washed and dried. Since the mattress cover cannot be removed for washing, a mattress protector is recommended. The purple one is watertight.

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