Instructions for Using the Built-In Pump on an Intex Air Mattress (2023).

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Let's say you have overnight guests but no spare bed for them to sleep on. A good option in this situation is an Intex air mattress equipped with its own electric pump. Yet, how does one go about blowing one of these up?

Electricity can be used to power the built-in pump on many Intex air mattresses. Outdoors, you can use anything from a car battery to solar panels to the electricity at a campsite to air pumps and other hand tools to power the pump.

How to inflate an Intex air mattress using the built-in pump is the topic of this article. In the process, you'll also learn how to inflate your mattress manually and with an electric pump.

When asked, "What is an Intex Air Mattress?" many people say, "What is an Intex air mattress?"

An air mattress, also known as an airbed, is a portable, inflatable bed. Beds like these are typically padded with urethane plastic, rubber, and soft fabric. Air mattresses are commonly used as a nightly sleeping solution because of their portability, convenience, and ability to be folded away when not in use.

Inflatable Intex Air Mattress

Intex is among the best of the many brands selling inflatable airbeds with a variety of designs and features. Four distinct lines of Intex air mattresses are available to suit your needs, whether you're shopping for a bed, an RV, a truck, an air mattress for camping, or something else entirely.

As an added bonus, you can pick from a variety of sizes, all the way up to a queen-sized Intex air mattress. These mattresses are well-known for their long lifespan, low cost, lack of odor, and resistance to sagging. In addition, the PVC material used to make Intex air mattresses makes them resistant to bug infestation, unlike memory foam mattresses. In the United States, Intex is gaining popularity due to the many advantages they provide. S

A Guide to Using the Built-In Pump on an Intex Air Mattress.

If you take the proper safety measures, inflating an Intex airbed is a breeze. How to properly inflate an Intex air mattress with an internal pump is detailed below.

How to Inflate Intex Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Establish the Site as the First Step

The very first thing to think about is where you will put the air mattress. It's simple if you're just using the bed at home. In a more natural setting, like a campground, this becomes significantly more complicated.

Before you even set up your mattress, you should check the floor for any potential dangers. Any air loss during the night on an air mattress is extremely disruptive.

Second, find the internal pump.

Inflatable mattresses that also function as beds typically have a concealed power supply for the pump. The hidden compartment shields the control board from curious young hands and lessens the likelihood of an electrical cord tangle.

Step 3: Turn On the Engine

Electricity is typically required for use of Intex air mattresses with built-in pumps. An electric pump can be easily inflated by plugging it into a wall outlet and then letting the pump do its work automatically.

But if you're out in the wilderness or driving, this procedure can become a major hassle. However, there are other options that I will talk about in the rest of this article, and they are not limited to car batteries.

Inflating the Air Mattress

Typically, Intex air mattresses with built-in electric air pumps can be inflated and deflated with the same device. So, a control board can have either momentary or latching switches. Be certain you're using the right command.

Inflating an air pump doesn't take too much time. An Intex air mattress with an internal pump, designed for a queen size bed, may require five to seven minutes to reach full inflation. Earlier termination is possible if desired. Since air beds lose some of their air volume as a result of ambient temperature and pressure, I advise inflating them to the correct pressure before use.

How do you use electricity to inflate airbeds?

In that case, you just plug in the air pump and wait a few minutes. That's the gist of it, anyway. What if, though, you find yourself in need of inflating an air mattress in the great outdoors?
The options for doing so are limited. I've compiled a short list of a few of them below.

Ways to Inflate Air Mattresses with Electricity

  • Go to a campground that has power hookups. Use an extension cord to reach the outlet from your tent if it is located far away.
  • Battery-powered inflation for your car Simply connect the power cord to your vehicle's cigarette lighter. However, a DC power inverter is required in this scenario for voltage regulation. Keep your car running the whole time.
  • Pump your air mattress with an Intex You can use this method to inflate air mattresses that do not have their own pumps. Yet, portable air pumps that run on batteries are also on the market.
  • It is possible to use solar energy to inflate air mattresses. Solar panels can be used to charge batteries, which can then be used to run an air pump or other electrical accessories.
  • Hair dryers, air compressors, and leaf blowers are some additional choices. Inflating an air mattress requires nothing more than a source of reasonably strong airflow.

How Can You Pump Up an Air Mattress Without a Power Source?

Intex also makes air mattresses that don't require electricity and have a foot pump built right in. Inflating an air mattress does not require the use of electricity, and the foot pump is just one of several methods available to you.

  • Put to use a two-stage bicycle pump. Without much pressure loss, a double-action pump can inflate through an entire push and pull cycle.
  • Pump it by hand if necessary. The action of either the hand or foot pump is identical. Since you have a twin-sized airbed, however, a hand pump might be easier to use.
  • Fill a trash bag with air and inflate it. To inflate an air mattress, select a large or medium-sized trash bag, gather a lot of air, and blow it into the mattress.

Finally, you can try to catch your breath. This is not a good option because it drains your strength and makes you dizzy. But it's not a bad option to have on hand just in case.


Most Intex air mattresses have internal pumps that operate without batteries or electricity. However, each product has its own unique procedure and schedule. The lifespan of one of these airbeds, with regular maintenance, can easily reach ten years. However, they have a tendency to leak.

In the event of a leak, however, you can use adhesives and a spare piece of polyurethane fabric to patch things up. Furthermore, the mattress can be deflated and folded up for storage at any time. For your next camping trip, take advantage of this lightweight and cozy bedding.

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