Instructions for Patients.

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Instructions for accessing the Patient Portal

Upon registration, you will receive an email containing the link to your Patient Portal, alongside your Initial User Name and Initial Password. Please be advised that the Initial User Name and Password can be edited once you sign in to the Patient Portal.

How to access your portal account

Click or enter the web address provided in your welcome email. You will then be prompted to select the “Login” button to access the Patient Portal. Enter the Initial User Name and Initial Password contained in your registration email, then click “Sign in” to proceed.

As an added security precaution, kindly input your date of birth and hit “Verify” to authenticate your account.

How to access messages from your doctor’s office

Select the Messages menu tab in the Patient Portal to view all incoming messages. To read a message, click on it from the list found in the left-hand column. You will have several options at your disposal:

    •Open as PDF - This option will enable you to preserve the message, and any attachment, by saving it as a PDF file. You can then choose to either Open or Save the document in your preferred location. To view the saved document, you need a Free Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

    •Print a Message - You can print a message by clicking on the Print button. A prompt will appear with the document’s printing details, allowing you to print it on your desired printer.

    •Forward a Message - Use the Forward button if you want to send a message to a physician outside of the practice. Simply input the Direct Secure email address of the physician in the new window that appears after clicking Forward, write a subject, add a message to the email and hit the Send button. Please note that obtaining the Direct Secure email address of the recipient is necessary to protect your confidentiality.

    •Reply - If enabled on your Patient Portal, you can send a message back to the practice or individual by clicking Reply. Enter a subject and message accordingly and click Send Reply to complete the process.

    How to send messages to your doctor’s office

    Should the feature be enabled on your portal, select the Send Message function located in the upper right corner to transmit a new message to the office. Input the Subject and Message or Question, then click Send to submit your message.

    How to access and save your medical record

    In the Patient Portal, click on the Records menu tab to access your medical record. There are several alternatives for your medical record, including:

    • •View - This selection opens a secure web page to display your medical record.
    • •Download Text - By picking this option, you can extract your record in HTML format, which can subsequently be saved and viewed later on using your Web browser.
    • •Download Data - Alternatively, select this option to download your record in XML format, which you can then upload onto your personal health record on software such as Microsoft HealthVault or Dossia.

    •Transmit - This feature enables you to send your medical record to another physician through Direct, an innovative email technology. The recipient should provide you with their Direct Secure email address. Click Transmit, then input the Direct Address, Subject, and Message. Upon sending your message, this Direct message will be sent alongside a data format of your medical record, which may be added to their electronic health record system.

    How to manage your account settings

    Click on My Profile located at the top right-hand corner of the page to manage your profile settings. You can modify several elements of your Patient Portal profile, including:

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