I Sleep Advisor: How to Move a Mattress Alone

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Taking a Bed on the Go

Space Preparation

The time and space needed to get your mattress ready for transport It's imperative that you have adequate space. It's best to start by clearing out the rest of the room, at which point you can roll the mattress up and place it vertically against a wall.

When it comes to freedom of movement, more square footage is always preferable.

Stuff it into the sleeping-mattress-covering bag.

To this end, the mattress bag you bought will prove useful. There is nothing worse than moving into a new place and finding that your friend has damaged or soiled your bed by scraping it against the driveway.   Besides, they usually offer to assist you in exchange for pizza or beer, so you have no real grounds for anger.

Put a band around the bag and tape it shut.

You'll need to use tape to close off the open ends of the bag your bed is in. Wrap the tape around the bag, fold over the edges, and secure with tape. Be sure to center it and place emphasis on the top and bottom thirds. Wrap the tape around in a crisscross pattern to keep the mattress from shifting inside the bag.

packed mattress

Take It Out to the Car

Getting the bed out of the house and into (or onto) your car is the exciting part. You should still handle your investment with care, even if it is in a protective bag. Even if you carefully navigate the outdoor obstacles and load it into a car, truck, or van, you could do damage to it if you dropped it or if something sharp poked or pierced it.


Tackling the task of carrying a queen-sized bed on the car's roof is difficult, but not impossible. Using the ropes, carefully attach it to the roof, and then lower it through the windows.

Carefully secure it with ropes once it's atop the roof. It's important to know how much rope you'll need to secure everything. You'll need 16 or 17 feet on average.

The first thing you need to do is lay the rope across the top of the mattress and wrap it lengthwise. It can be slid under the vehicle and out any unlocked doors or windows.

You can do this twice if you want to be absolutely sure.

Are you confused as to why it's important to keep the driver's side free of ropes? By throwing them through every available opening, you would probably have a tough time unlocking any of the doors


If your van has foldable seats, relocation will be much simpler. Please refer to the instructions above for how to load your bed onto the roof of your vehicle if it is significantly larger than the van you have.

Assuming you've determined the bed will fit inside the van without causing damage, you can lay it flat and try to keep it flush against the wall. To avoid any buckling or distortion, do as such. As an added precaution, make sure there are no jagged objects protruding from under the mattress.


Given its potential simplicity and safety, this approach is often chosen. Simply place the bed in the back of the pickup, and you're good to go. The good news is that loading and unloading should be much simpler than the alternatives, even for larger, king-sized mattresses that may need to lay at an angle.


How to move a bed in a truck is the same as in a van.

truck on road

Fixing It Up

Loading your bed into your vehicle is the first step, but the second—and perhaps more crucial—step is securing it so that it doesn't shift around, get damaged, or come loose while you're driving down the highway.

One of the most effective methods of securing your belongings is to use ratchet straps. It's important to make sure the mattress is lying flat before you secure the straps. If your ratchet straps are too short, you can make them longer by connecting two of them.

If you're going to transport this on your car's roof, you should exercise extreme caution. If you're not careful, being out in the elements, especially if there's a lot of wind, can cause a lot of damage.

Maintain a Safe Distance

We were just talking about wind. If you're a fast driver, this could be dangerous. Driving more slowly than usual and keeping a close eye on your rearview mirrors can help you avoid accidents.

A Variety of Bed-Moving Methods

Mobile Storage Unit

It is possible to use a moving container as short-term storage if there will be some time between the time you vacate your current home and the time you move into your new home. The best part about this option is that it allows you to pack up all of your belongings and have movers take care of the rest.

It's recommended to call around and compare prices because the fee is typically more than renting a truck.


Hiring a shipping company to handle your belongings is a good idea if you need to move a long distance or quickly. Get in touch with a company like uShip online after following our previous instructions for wrapping your mattress. com After entering your information, you should be presented with multiple price estimates. When money is tight, you can always name your own price and see if any shipping companies bite.

packed mattress ready for shipping

Transportation Business

Perhaps the most practical way to move a mattress, if money is no object. In addition, expert movers will have the training and equipment to transport your bed from A to B without incident.

Questions & Answers

How about tying a bed to the roof of a car, is that allowed?

Officially, it's not against the law. On the other hand, if you sloppily secure your mattress to the roof of your car, a police officer may pull you over and issue you a ticket for endangering the safety of other drivers.

Without handles, how do I lift and carry this mattress?

Getting a mattress cover with carrying handles is the most convenient option. Alternatively, you can save your energy by squatting down and carrying it flat.

Moving it could also be accomplished by placing it in a box. Specially constructed boxes for facilitate procedure for relocation It's easier to load onto a dolly and move around on carpet or hardwood floors because of this.

Does a car have space for a boxspring?

The answer is yes, but proceed with caution. Securing it to the roof can be difficult due to its massive size, and there are also aerodynamic concerns. An unexpected amount of lift, akin to that produced by airplane wings, may be experienced, for instance, if too much of the boxspring is dangling over the windshield and the vehicle's speed exceeds twenty miles per hour.

You must pay extra attention when using rope and ratchets. Ensure that the rope is not tied under the car in a location where it could become entangled with any moving components. burn up or slice through the rope. Molten steel can grow scalding and pierce or the strap could be broken and sharp objects could easily pierce

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