How to Prevent Your Mattress from Sliding on an Adjustable Bed and Four Simple Solutions

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It's a nuisance to correct a sliding mattress on a bed frame. It can be challenging to move a mattress on your own, especially if it is a larger size.

When the mattress slides whenever, or nearly whenever, you try to adjust the bed, it can be frustrating.

A slipping mattress on an adjustable bed is easily fixed in the moment, but it can become annoying if it happens frequently.

There's a high probability that you're about to get into bed when you make the necessary adjustments to it. That should be the last time you have to pause and make repairs.

You may feel like you're stuck in a rut every time you rearrange your mattress only to have to do it all over again, but there are ways to break the cycle.

Here are a few things to try, as well as some ways to figure out if the problem isn't just caused by the mattress moving around when you readjust the bed frame.

When using an adjustable bed, why do mattresses tend to shift around?

Mattress on Adjustable Bed

When you discover that your mattress has shifted, it can be perplexing. At first, you might not think of the mattress shifting as a potential problem when using an adjustable bed.

Mattress slippage during bed adjustments is frustrating, to put it mildly.

Adjustable bed mattresses can move around if they are not fastened to the bed frame. If your mattress keeps slipping off the bed, it may be because its fabric or material isn't well suited to the texture of your bed frame.

Since there isn't enough friction between the two textures to keep them both in place, they may slide around.

A simple solution exists for this issue in most cases. You can repair your mattress so that it no longer slides whenever you readjust the bed's position.

It's tough to be patient with a restless mattress at the end of the day, especially if you're already worn out from the day's activities.

You should know that this issue has multiple workarounds, and you have many options to try before giving up on your movable bed.

Avoiding Sliding Mattresses: Some Options

When you readjust your bed, you can use many effective methods to correct a sagging mattress. Most potential solutions to this issue require only a modest financial outlay.

If your mattress is sliding around in bed, try the simplest solutions before you commit more time and money to a more permanent solution.

Prioritize the options that seem most feasible given your current situation and resources. If that doesn't work, you'll have to try some other, more expensive options.

Make use of a material that prevents slipping as Step 1

Black Yoga Mat on Floor

The shelves of any department store carrying household items are stocked with a wide variety of slip-resistant materials.

Your mattress and the adjustable bed frame could benefit from a layer of non-slip material. In this way, the mattress will stay in place no matter how the bed is shifted.

A mattress-specific non-slip pad is available for purchase. Depending on where you bought your mattress, adjustable bed frame, or both, that store may also sell non-slip mattress pads.

Some useful materials are surprisingly common; you may even have versions of them lying around your house. Carpet pads can be used and trimmed to fit your mattress's specific dimensions.

Yoga mats are another fantastic alternative. However, a yoga mat is likely to cost more than a carpet pad and is available in fewer sizes.

Yoga mats can be helpful, but they are probably best used as a stopgap measure rather than a permanent solution. If you have a yoga mat lying around and your mattress slips when you readjust your bed, you can use it as a temporary solution.

A yoga mat can also be used as a temporary non-slip surface while you wait for the arrival of a more permanent solution, such as another non-slip material ordered online.

It may be challenging to make use of yoga mats if you have a larger mattress. Yoga mats work best with twin-sized mattresses; king- or queen-sized mattresses may require multiple mats to keep in place.

Secondly, fasten the mattress with tape.

Adhesive Velcro Strips

Taping the mattress's perimeter can be a great way to keep it from shifting whenever you readjust the bed's height or position.

It's important to use the correct tape, though. A mattress is too heavy and too large for regular tape.

Use Velcro if you can't find a better way to secure your mattress. Velcro is incredibly sturdy and won't fall apart. It's a simple solution for ensuring that your bed's mattress is securely fastened to its frame.

You can buy Velcro in pre-cut strips or on a roll and then slice off what you need.

Make sure the Velcro's adhesive backing is strong enough to support the mattress's weight before attempting to tape it down. The Velcro strips you have may require a more robust adhesive on the back.

If your Velcro strips ever come loose from the mattress, simply apply more adhesive or research alternative adhesives.

The Velcro may still be whole, but it may have come loose from the bed or the mattress.

Third, give the underbed a good vacuuming.

Man Vacuuming Mattress

Your mattress may be slipping because of something other than the quality of your sleep or the design of your bed frame. It's possible that dust and other small particles have settled into the crevices under the bed.

This is to be expected, especially if the bed and mattress have been in use for a long time. It doesn't mean you need to spend money on other products or put in a lot of effort. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or dirt from the bed frame.

Simply remove your mattress from the bed and place it to the side, or lean it against the wall. As a result, you'll be able to get to the bed's underlying frame.

Then, vacuum up the floor around the base of the bed's adjustable frame. Although dust and debris may not be as obvious on the mattress as they are on the bed frame, it is still a good idea to clean the bottom of the mattress if at all possible.

Move the entire bed frame and run the vacuum cleaner under the area where the bed typically sits if you see a lot of dust collecting there.

Leaving the dust under the bed can lead to an increase in the amount of dust on the mattress. It's a good idea to take some preventative measures while you have the bed apart to make sure this doesn't happen again any time soon.

Dust and debris can accumulate on the bed frame and the floor space under the bed if you don't use a vacuum to remove them.

Unless you have a vacuum, you should look into getting one of those instead. Instead of buying a new mattress, you could probably save money by purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Step Four: Fasten Something to the Mattress and the Frame

Stack of Rolled Towels on Floor

It's possible to use common household items to improve the mattress's fit within the bed frame.

The mattress is more likely to slip dramatically if there is anything other than the mattress and the bed frame between them.

Use a few extra towels to cushion the space between your bed's mattress and its frame. They can be rolled up and tucked into the crack between the bed's frame and mattress.

They're wonderful because they're big, plush, and long-lasting. Plus, you undoubtedly have a stockpile of spare towels stashed away somewhere.

Don't have any spare towels? Make do with some unwanted garments. You can use them in the same way you would a towel and slide them in between your mattress and the bed's frame.

A towel or piece of clothing would work well because it can be adjusted with your adjustable bed frame and won't slip.

Yet, since this solution might not be aesthetically pleasing, it is possible that it won't be the most long-lasting solution to the issue. If this is an issue, determine why your mattress is too large for your bed frame.

Ultimately, if All Else Fails

Mattress Dimensions and Bed Sizes

If you've exhausted all of your options for preventing your mattress from slipping off of your adjustable bed, it's likely that the two aren't well-suited to one another.

Learn more about where you purchased each one of these. Did other customers who made purchases from that site encounter the same problems?

The issue is probably not with the bed itself but with the mattress. It is important to verify that your mattress can be used with an adjustable bed by checking the product description or manufacturer's website.

There is also the possibility that the mattress is too small for the bed. Check the dimensions of your new mattress and bed frame to ensure a proper fit.

Check to see if the mattress and bed frame fit together properly at the edges. It's likely that you have two different sizes if there is more than an inch of misalignment on either side.

Here is a size guide of some of the most common mattress sizes, listed in inches, to help you determine the dimensions of your bed and mattress.

  • Twin: 38 x 75
  • Size of a Twin XL bed is 38 by 80 inches.
  • Full: 54 x 74
  • Blanket dimensions for a Queen are 60" x 80."
  • King: 76 x 80

If there are two different measurements between the mattress and the bed frame, it's possible that you bought the wrong size mattress.

If you've tried everything else and your mattress still slides when you adjust the bed, it may be time to shop for a new one.

Finding the Perfect Bed and Mattress

Mattresses for Sale at Furniture Store

The likelihood of your adjustable bed functioning properly with a non-compatible mattress increases if you make a hasty purchase. If this is your first time using a bed that can be adjusted, you may find the controls to be a bit bewildering.

Learn as much as you can about the model of adjustable bed frame you have.

If an adjustable bed frame is still on your shopping list, it's important to buy a mattress that will fit it properly.

Mattresses are often sold alongside bed frames by the same manufacturer. Prior to purchasing an adjustable bed frame, it is a good idea to see if the website selling the frame also sells mattresses that are compatible with it.

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