How heavy is a TempurPedic bed?

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When it comes to buying a mattress in the United States, Tempur-Pedic is a name you can trust. Spinal alignment and pressure relief are two of the benefits you'll experience. So, if you suffer from back or joint pain, this is the mattress for you (also see our list of the 10 best mattresses for pain relief).

Each mattress type imaginable is represented by this manufacturer. Each one is unique in its design and construction (for examples, see our list of the 10 most comfortable mattresses).

If you want to know how much weight you should have on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, this is the guide for you. Read on to the end in order to select the most suitable Tempur-Pedic mattress for your needs.

What Varieties of Tempur-Pedic Beds Are There?

Mattress manufacturer Tempur-Pedic offers three distinct collections. You can choose from Tempur-Cloud, Tempur-Adapt, or Tempur-Breeze. These three collections come in a wide variety of sizes, from twin to king to split king.

how much does a king size tempurpedic mattress weigh

These mattresses range in purpose and weight, so naturally their constructions are also varied.

Sizes of Mattresses Tempur-Cloud Tempur-Adapt Tempur-Breeze Matching (38 x 75) 55.8 lbs All-foam construction, weighs in at a light 48 ounces.

approximate hybrid weight of 67 pounds

– Standard Size Twin XL (38 x 80 inches) 63.3 lbs Total weight (foam only): 52 ounces

Weight (hybrid): 68 ounces

Weighing between 63 and 77 pounds (ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid).

(LuxeBreeze) Weight: 72.5 to 73.5

Complete (53 - 74 cm) 65 lbs weight of 67 (only foam)

(Hybrid) 87 lb.

(ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid) 79-101 lb. Size 60" x 80" 95.5 lbs Weight: 72 g (all foam)

(Hybrid) 109 lb.

ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid can carry between 95 and 123 lbs.

109 to 110 lbs


Standard (60 in) Queen (72 in) King (80 in) 115 lbs It weighs only 99 grams (all foam)

(Hybrid) 129 lb.

weight range of (ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid) 122-160 lbs.

140 to 141 lbs


King-sized bed (76 x 80 inches) split in half 115 lbs Total weight (foam only): 99 ounces.

(Hybrid) 129 lb.

(ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid) 124-154 lb.

146 to 148 lbs


Size 72" x 86" Cal King 108.5 lbs Weight (including only the foam): 99 grams

(Hybrid) 129 lb.

ProBreeze and its hybrid counterpart can support individuals between 122 and 159 lbs.

139 to 141 lbs


King (48 in.) Queen (60 in.) 108.5 lbs Weight: 99 (entirely foam)

129 kilos (hybrid).

(ProBreeze and ProBreeze Hybrid) 124-156 lb.

144 to 145 lbs


The Tempur-Pedic Mattress Weighs a Lot

There is a wide selection of Tempur-Pedic mattresses available. Not only do they offer the traditional all-foam versions, but also some interesting variations that combine foam and metal. As an added bonus, the brand provides customers with a choice between two levels of thickness and firmness.

Memory foam mattresses that consist entirely of foam weigh nearly the same as do more traditional memory foam mattresses. These mattresses come in a variety of sizes, and their thickness is a standard 10 inches.

You can find a variety of hybrid models, with options for firmness and depth (see also 10 excellent hybrid mattresses). There are a plethora of options to tailor your mattress and change the feel while also adjusting the overall weight. So, rather than mentioning precise numbers, we'll instead refer to weight categories.


All sizes of the Tempur-Cloud, the brand's standard mattress, are offered. These are the lowest-end models of the brand, and they measure in at a thickness of 10 inches. However, this does not mean that quality must be sacrificed. Mattresses in this category can weigh anywhere from 55 to 108 lbs. Weight gain of 5 pounds means a sizing increase from Twin to Split California King.


Premium pressure relief and spinal alignment are both provided by this collection. Beds in this price range feature adjustable firmness and depth settings.

In every size, they offer both pure foam and foam/plastic hybrid options. All-foam variants of the Twin to Split California King mattresses weigh between 48 and 99 pounds. Hybrid versions range in weight from 67 to 129 pounds


Their third choice, a high-end mattress, comes in both foam and hybrid forms. You can pick between an all-foam model and a hybrid model, both of which come in two different thicknesses. The weight of these mattresses and their variations varies from 63 pounds for a Twin to 156 pounds for a Split California King.

how much does a queen tempurpedic mattress weigh

Is It Important That a Mattress Be Heavy?

Think about how heavy your mattress will be when you add furniture or change the layout of your room. You will likely be moving your mattress frequently and will need to decide whether or not to enlist outside assistance.

And when it comes time to clean your mattress, you'll find that a lighter mattress is much easier to move around than a heavier one. Of course, you'll also need to clean once a week or twice a month.

A common misconception is that heavier mattresses are better quality. A mattress's overall weight is not particularly indicative of its quality.

When shopping for a mattress, it's important to consider both the type and quality of the materials used. Excess fat is meaningless and merely a by-product.

How Come Beds Have to Weigh So Much

There are a few variables that affect how much the mattresses weigh in total. Important considerations include dimensions, materials, and thickness. Mattresses, especially those with more layers and larger dimensions, tend to be quite cumbersome.

It's no secret that some materials are heavier than others. While memory foam and some other varieties of foam are dense, the heaviest and thickest of all are made from latex.

Airbeds, on the other hand, are easily transported due to their light weight. You can use them for measuring, then fill them with air and store them when you're done. While these airbeds are compact and easy to store, they won't hold up to regular use (for more durable options, consider one of these 8 great air mattresses).


If you're looking for a high-quality mattress at a low price, look no further than Tempur-Pedic (check out 10 of the best mattresses under $2,000). The good news is that there are a variety of mattresses available from the brand. While some of them are relatively light, others are quite heavy.

Bear in mind that weight is not necessarily indicative of a high-quality mattress. You should keep in mind that the quality of the building materials is more crucial. Therefore, prioritize quality over quantity if you're looking to maximize your purchasing power.

Mattresses by Tempur-Pedic come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. All-foam mattresses are available if you're looking for a more lightweight option. The weight of hybrids is significantly higher. You can reduce the weight of your mattress by selecting a thinner configuration.

This is a common misunderstanding; the reality is different. Mattresses collect a wide variety of debris over time, including dust, dirt, dead skin cells, hair, and more. They may cause your mattress to weigh a little more as a whole.

The only way to ensure a clean, healthy mattress is to clean it frequently. Regular mattress cleaning is a sign that you're pulling your weight and getting things done. To that end, the density of your bed is an essential consideration. The weight of your mattress is something you'll need to consider, as you'll be moving it on your own. If the task is too heavy for you to handle, you should probably find some assistance.

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