Get More Out of Your UWM Loan with Our User-Friendly Apps on Google Play

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My UWM Loan provides a simple online solution for borrowers to manage their United Wholesale Mortgage home loan from anywhere at any time. United Wholesale Mortgage LLC has introduced this app for its clients to access their account details and crucial documentation with ease.

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The mobile application offers a range of features, including:

  • • A provision to make mortgage payments
  • • An option to schedule and automate recurring payments
  • • A facility to view payment records and recent activities
  • • Access to up-to-date information on the escrow balance
  • • Availability of mortgage statements at the click of a button
  • • Convenient tracking of contact information updates
  • With My UWM Loan on your mobile device, you have the liberty to manage your home loan with ease, regardless of your location.
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The first and foremost step towards ensuring safety is by comprehending the ways in which developers gather and exchange your data. The approach to data privacy and security may differ based on usage, location, and age. The developer has provided all the necessary particulars with the liberty for future updates.

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It is important to note that no data is shared with any third-party individual or organization. To better understand how developers declare sharing of data, redirect your attention to this source. Similarly, to apprehend the collection of data, this source shall be of great help.

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The data is securely encrypted during transit to allay any possible security breach.

Moving onto the topic of ratings and reviews, it is to be noted that all the ratings and reviews provided are verified. A total of 32 individuals found this review to be helpful.

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However, there are certain limitations that need to be addressed. For instance, in the case of the presence of two people jointly on a loan, only the primary borrower can set up a login. This seems unfair since both parties share equal responsibility and should have access to the loan information. Moreover, there is no option to access contact information in case of adding or changing email addresses, which should be a fundamental feature of the application. Lastly, the app is not compatible with Android 9 tablet. This seems illogical since there are plenty of devices apart from smartphones.

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Another flaw pointed out is the counter-intuitive and messy interface of the application, making it difficult to navigate. The section displaying the loan amount and options to set up automatic payments, fails to provide an option for regular payments. Instead, the payment option is tucked away in a small, difficult-to-find drop-down menu. Twenty individuals found this review helpful.


Lastly, the latest app update requires the user to input their name and Social Security Number. Since then, users have reported facing issues while logging in through the app. They also had to enter their information frequently because the app failed to retain their data. However, the features were satisfactory once they were able to access the app.


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