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If you have any questions, we've included some answers on this page. Send us an email if there's anything else you want to know.

Please tell me how to return or exchange an item.
When ordering, how long will shipping take, and is Expedited service available?
To see the current status of my order, please direct me to the location where I can do so.
I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail after placing my order; did you receive it, and if so, how do I follow its progress?
Do you sell gift certificates for The Purple Store?
Is there a storefront where I can purchase your products?
Do you accept money orders?
To what extent does the shipping cost?
Can I have my order shipped to a military or post office box, or do you only ship domestically?
How do I know which international shipping option is best, and what happens if my package doesn't arrive?
When placing an order for a sofa or loveseat larger than what I can carry, what are my shipping options?
Is it safe to use PayPal's checkout, and why does my (older) web browser give me a security warning?

Purple Retail Trade

In what ways do you protect the personal information of your customers?
May I please have The Purple Store's contact information?
Could you please mail me a physical catalog?
If I have a purple product, how do I go about selling it on your website?
What if I receive the wrong items or none at all?
Is there any other legalese I need to know about in case of a spelling mistake or other error on the site?

Do you frequently offer discount codes, and if so, what are the parameters?


What gives? The purple in the product photo doesn't seem to match the color in the name.


What kind of images do you have that I could use if I wanted to link to The Purple Store on my website or blog?
Can I find The Purple Store on social media? (Specifically, Facebook, Twitter, and Purple Pinterest.)

Where can I find information on making a product return or exchange?

Here you'll find information about making returns and exchanges.


Shipment of most orders occurs within 24 hours, and always no later than the following business day. Within the Boundaries of the United States S Lighter items (typically those weighing less than 13 ounces) take three to five days to arrive via standard shipping with Parcel Post or eight days with FedEx Ground. Once an expedited order is shipped, it typically arrives two to three days later. Typically, shipments leave from Seattle, and delivery times are dependent on distance. Delivery times for international orders can range from 5-10 days due to customs processing and local mail delivery times. Typically, international orders that are marked as "expedited" arrive in a few days rather than a week. Notes can be found on the shopping cart page. We offer expedited shipping options, including Express overnight delivery. After adding an item to your shopping cart, you will see two shipping options: Standard and Expedited. Please contact us via email if you need your order shipped overnight or by a certain date, and we'll either manually process your order or provide you with a link to a secure payment page to cover the cost difference. Of course, all shipping times will be longer during the holiday season; however, we will do our best to keep you apprised of any delays on the shopping cart page and to suggest faster options if you so desire.

If you need your order quickly, don't worry; we can provide you with a quote for guaranteed overnight, 2-day, or 3-day shipping service in no time.


Shipments are made the following or the following business day, and at the very most, they take two days. In the first 1-2 business days after placing an order, you should receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of your payment and another e-mail when your order has shipped. You may have missed those messages from orderfeedback@ Please have a look in your spam folder In order to keep you updated on the whereabouts of your shipment, we typically provide a tracking number (and/or a customs number for international shipments). We use Delivery Confirmation if your package is sent through the United States Postal Service; however, please be aware that this service is not as precise as real-time tracking and may incorrectly report a lower level of shipping activity.


A confirmation of your payment and a summary of your order will be sent to the address you provide in our system immediately. Find it in your spam or junk mail folder and unmark it as spam. If you want to receive messages from us when your orders ship or if you have any follow-up questions, add our email address to your safe senders list or address book. Contact us if you think you've entered an old or incorrect email address.



You can have a physical The Purple Store Gift Certificate sent to you or the recipient via mail, or you can opt to have an electronic version sent to you or the recipient via email, thus saving on both postage and delivery time. Sending a large number of gift certificates in one order to the same address Please inquire, as we may be able to save you money on shipping or time when setting up the certificates.  

Feel free to send us an email with the following details if you'd like us to manually set up a batch of gift certificates for you:

  1. Name, street address, and phone number for billing purposes
  2. If you would like a physical gift certificate mailed directly to the recipient, please provide their mailing address.
  3. The "from" name of the gift (likely yours)
  4. Money or other items given "to" (the recipient)
  5. Quantity (at least) $10 U S )
  6. If we're mailing or emailing the certificate directly to the recipient, a short note or message for the packing slip or e-mail is optional.
  7. Whether you prefer an electronic version ($0 by e-mail) or a paper one ($2 by First Class Mail or by Express Mail), we can accommodate your needs. 45 for Priority Mail), send a PDF to you via email for printing or forwarding, or send an email to a specified address.

We'll arrange the transaction and send you a link to a safe payment page for the certificate(s). After the order is processed, they usually leave the warehouse within a day or two.

Gift certificates are accepted both online during the Payments phase and in-store at our Seattle location.


In fact, we maintain a brick-and-mortar shop in the heart of Seattle! The Purple Store's Seattle location, hours, and map can be found on our Seattle page.


For select items, we accept checks and money orders. You have two options for payment: A) If you're only buying a few items, we can take the order via email and you can send a money order (as long as it's denominated in U.S. S money order) and we'll get your order out as soon as we receive it. With the standard shopping cart checkout, you can also pay with an e-check transfer directly from your bank account. The PayPal shopping cart supports electronic checks.

Send us an email with the following information if you'd like to place an order that will be paid for with a money order:

--What you want, in what sizes (if any), and how many of each (it's easiest if you use our shopping cart and then, instead of checking out, copy the order information and paste it in your email). Complete name, delivery address, and contact number. We'll reply with a confirmation that your order was received and with information on where to send the payment.

B) We accept payments by check or money order for bulk orders (typically over $250) of most products.

If you have a friend who is willing to make the purchase on their credit card for you, it could be a good short-term solution because our privacy policy is top-notch and we never resell customer information.


The title and color might look different on your screen due to one of two things. To begin, there is a slight variation in color representation between monitors. Keep an eye on our color descriptions on the product page as well, as what appears to be a dark violet on a laptop LCD may be much brighter on a desktop monitor. Second, although we keep a close eye on dye lots from each manufacturer, occasionally an error does occur. In the unlikely event that you receive a purple product that is more Lilac Smoke than purple, Lavender than blue, or Mauve than pink, please contact us. When we say we'll connect you with purple products, we mean it. No substitutes.


We promise not to use any information you give us in bad ways. The privacy policy of the Purple Store contains additional information.


What is the cost of shipping?

Weight-based shipping fees apply, and a base order total minimum applies. It is our policy to charge no more than what it actually costs us to ship your order (and yes, even cheap items can be bulky and expensive to ship, or $5 or more). It's not unfunny to pay $1.50 to ship an item that costs only . When you add a second and third item to your shopping cart, the shipping price per item decreases. Thus, you can save money on shipping by purchasing multiple items from the same store at once. We've discovered that "free" shipping isn't really free because stores actually build in shipping charges to their prices, so you wind up paying the shipping charge many times over if you buy several items. Calculating shipping costs in real time as you shop has never been easier.


Including Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, almost all of our products can be shipped to any country in the world. O box numbers, and military APO/FPO addresses For guidance on selecting an appropriate international shipping option, please see below. Request a quote if you're interested in any of our purple furniture because shipping it overseas can get pricey.

It is your responsibility to pay any import tariffs or taxes levied by your country's customs office upon receiving your shipment. If you plan on sending a gift without going through a third party, please keep this in mind.


Let us emphasize this: we will ship your package and make every effort to ensure that it reaches you safely. Only Express packages (at an additional cost, available by contacting us) shipped internationally will have full tracking and refundability. While we have a very high delivery success rate, regular International Mail shipping methods do not always offer tracking, so please note that if you are shipping an urgent order, we recommend using If you're worried about your package getting lost in transit, we advise using the expedited (Priority International Mail) shipping option. Standard international shipments are the least likely to be recovered, so please select the appropriate shipping method (though if you don't trust your postal service, we're happy to quote FedEx, albeit at a much higher cost). We regret that until packages are actually received, we cannot guarantee their safe arrival or any other aspect of the delivery process. We will do what we can to assist you, but we cannot guarantee that lost or stolen packages will be replaced or refunded. Please keep in mind that the shipping options Expedited and Express both provide a higher level of security. It almost never happens, but we need to issue this formal disclaimer anyway.

Possible additional costs due to customs clearance In most cases, we DO NOT request payment for import duties, sales taxes, or any other similar fees associated with the customs clearance process. These fees are notoriously tricky for the sending country to estimate, and the receiving country is notorious for not collecting them. In some cases, the shipping company or customs office in your country may send you an invoice that you can pay directly or that the shipping company will forward to you. g If they paid for the shipping (via FedEx or DHL, for example),


Larger pieces of furniture (sofas, some chairs) typically travel to their new homes via freight (mostly assembled, on a truck, on a wood pallet). Check the product page to see if freight shipping is required (some products, like our chaise lounge, are ingeniously designed to disassemble into the perfect size for UPS or FedEx parcel shipment, saving you shipping cost). If the item's shipping method specifies "freight," please refer to our freight shipping details page for further information.


Yes We are a confirmed, confirmed, and secured site, as evidenced by the presence of "https" in your browser's address bar and a (typically green) lock or icon there.

If you decide to pay with PayPal (and we always recommend doing so because it saves us money), you can rest assured that your transaction will be safe and secure (even if you don't have a PayPal account). They also go to great lengths to protect your credit card and other private data.


We prefer to communicate electronically whenever possible, and we strive to respond to all emails promptly. When you send us an email, we can make sure your inquiry gets to the right person and reduce costs by not having to hire as many people to answer the phone. We are more than happy to give you a call if you need to get in touch with us that way. Just shoot us an email with your contact info and the best times to reach you, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


We don't have a paper catalog at the moment; our website serves as the catalog. It's difficult to keep up with the constant stream of new products. Instead, we'd like to suggest that you join our Purple Club mailing list via the link on our homepage to get information about new products, purple news, discounts, and other occasional e-mails from us.


Send us an email detailing your product(s), and we'll take a look at it (if it's new and reorderable).


Not to get too legal, but we appreciate your business, but in order to stay in operation, we must restrict our responsibility and the scope of our guarantees to what is within our sphere of influence. We take pride in our history of prompt, accurate shipping and will do everything in our power to maintain this standard. Unfortunately, human error does occur, and on rare occasions a package may be improperly packed or shipped. Whenever possible, we make immediate adjustments to such orders. A package may not arrive on time or as requested if the shipping company (USPS, FedEx, UPS), a third-party seller, or a dropship supplier makes a mistake. If a shipment is lost in transit or the tracking information indicates delivery but the recipient is nowhere to be found, the shipper may be held liable to deter fraud. In the event that your package is lost in transit and you have not claimed it, The Purple Store is not liable for its replacement or any associated costs. Check that the address you give us is a secure one. Alternately, if you need to have something sent to a different address or require a signature (both of which will cost more and necessitate your physical presence), please get in touch with us. If a customer's package is lost or misplaced due to the actions of the carrier or another third party, we will do everything in our power to assist them. Furthermore, in all cases, our liability is limited to the purchase price of the product(s) in question (and must be, if we are to remain in business). All purchases and sales are subject to the following terms and conditions.


We aim to provide you with friendly, prompt service. In every way possible, we aim to go above and beyond your expectations. We strive to offer reasonable shipping costs and product prices. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices displayed on our site, we cannot be held liable for any typographical or pricing errors that may appear. We will assist you in returning or exchanging any item for which you are not completely satisfied. We are also interested in hearing how satisfied you are with your purchase.

To learn more about our shipping, returns, and exchanges policies, click here.


We rarely offer coupons and do our best to keep regular prices low. For those who have been on The Purple Club (our email list for purple fans; sign up here) for a while, we may occasionally send a special gift. )

Prices and availability of offers can change or end at any time. Unique codes sent to individuals are meant for you. We wish we could apply these retroactively for orders placed without them, but we need you to enter the code into the relevant field on the order page before you can proceed to checkout. Any orders, whether placed before or after the offer's valid date, are still eligible. Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer on the website. All promotional gift certificates and cards, including the vouchers being redeemed here, are worthless in and of themselves. Some of them are one-time-only, so make the most of them by purchasing numerous desirable items.

Please add a link to The Purple Store on my site or blog. I'm trying to put together a presentation and was wondering if you had any relevant images I

Yes Here are some banners that we've made for your perusal. Please feel free to send us any original works you've made.

Where can I find The Purple Store's Facebook page, if there is one? Online Twitter feed Page in purple on Pinterest

We do, in fact, The Purple Store has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest board, all of which you should "like."


Send us an e-mail if you have any other inquiries we haven't addressed.

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