Experience the Samsara Fleet: A Journey Beyond Time

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Samsara Fleet - the ultimate solution for fleet managers who are always on the move. This app is designed to keep you in the loop, whether you are at the office, in the field, or headed back home. The Samsara Fleet mobile app offers exceptional features, such as real-time vehicle locations, diagnostics, and sensor data, to help you track every asset at your fingertips.

Key features of the app include real-time alerts that allow you to stay on top of your operations and investigate incidents right from the app. You can also keep your team productive by seeing their Hours of Service at a glance and navigating to any driver with ease. Furthermore, the streamlined driver communication feature allows you to call drivers in a single click or send messages directly to the Samsara Driver App.

The app also improves safety in the moment by enabling you to review safety events, download high-definition dash cam footage, and share videos easily in the field. In addition, you can quickly respond to customers and instantly share real-time ETAs to enhance customer satisfaction.

Samsara has established itself as a great company with exceptional features. Since the implementation of their ELD system, they have continuously worked hard to collaborate with customers to streamline their system and make it user-friendly. The app is a testament to their commitment to innovation, as it allows you to manage your entire fleet on one app with complete ease. We highly recommend Samsara for all fleet managers.

Terrible Sales Experience

When I first met with Ben Chung, the salesman, he assured me that the trial period for their cameras would last 30 days before the contract began. However, upon returning the unopened box of cameras within the trial period, they still charged me an exorbitant amount of over $3400 for the full contract, even though the cameras were never used. It has been more than two years, and I still haven't received a refund despite multiple emails and phone calls. Although the products themselves are not bad, the customer service provided by Ben Chung has been disappointing. I can only give them one star for the products because they do not care about their customers.

Inadequate Security Measures for DOT Inspection Mode

It would be beneficial if the Samsara app could be locked down while the drivers are in a DOT inspection on the road so that the officer cannot tamper with the driver's ELD device. This will prevent the officer from potentially violating the driver's HOS by changing the logs. Other major ELD providers offer this option, but it's not available in the Samsara app. Although we can use the "Guided Access" mode, it's not sufficient as it doesn't prevent officers from snooping around the Samsara app and editing information as they please, which constitutes a significant security risk.

The app's privacy practices may include handling of data that can be linked to your identity such as location, usage data, and diagnostics. The developer's privacy policy may vary depending on the features you use or your age. For more information, please visit the developer's website and app support.

Developer Website App Support Privacy Policy

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