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Stripe Connect offers the most efficient and effortless approach to integrating payments into your platform or marketplace. Our APIs provide you with the tools to create and expand end-to-end payment experiences, from immediate onboarding to international payouts, and to design fresh revenue streams while leaving payments KYC to Stripe.

Our Stripe-hosted onboarding service allows you to enter the market quicker, without any upfront costs or extensive development time related to payment facilitation. You can turn payments into a prominent source of income by utilizing our revenue share program, or by increasing payments to earn on each transaction.

With a global payments platform, you can increase your reach to more customers across the world. You can support a vast range of currencies and local payment methods with just one integration. Additionally, you can monetize Stripe's comprehensive suite of financial products by providing financing, expense cards, or accounts for money management to your users.

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Transactions: 2.4% 30¢ ●●●● ●●●● ●●●● 1234

Accepted payments: Food is being prepared for delivery by 6:45 PM; Apple Pay; Order receipt.

Connect allows your clients to accept payments from across the globe in 135 currencies and multiple payment methods. You can offer online payments, point of sale transactions, invoicing, subscriptions, and billing services. Connect accepts a range of payment methods including credit and debit cards, ACH, SEPA Direct Debit, and digital wallets such as Alipay, Apple Pay, and WeChat Pay.

You can reduce operational overheads and process payments quickly with Connect's global routing and payout engine. Funds can be split between multiple users, and payments can be instantly routed across borders. You can also specify your earnings on each transaction, providing greater flexibility.

Platforms like Shopify and Lyft use Connect to enable simple, seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. Buyers transact with the platform, which collects any applicable fees and transfers the remaining funds to the seller. Platforms like Bird can split rental funds among their network of contractors, while other platforms may fund their Stripe account from a bank account to send transfers not tied to a specific charge.

Example: A platform boosts its Stripe balance to offer discounted services to buyers while ensuring that it pays its sellers or service providers in full. The platform moves money from its own bank account and sends it to the seller or service provider's bank account or debit card, without any connection to incoming payments.

Example: Cozy transfers payment to its landlords, using funds from its own bank account. The money is instantly sent to the seller or service provider's bank account or debit card.

Example: Instacart pays its shoppers within a few minutes after a successful delivery. The platform also permits sellers to charge their buyers on a recurring basis.

Example: Blackbaud allows nonprofits to collect recurring donations with ease. The platform moves funds from its sellers or service providers to its own Stripe balance.

Example: A platform pulls funds from its users to cover dispute fees, but has separate charges and transfers for transparency and record-keeping purposes.

To facilitate these transactions, Stripe offers a range of tools that help manage and activate accounts, track payments, issue refunds, generate custom reports, and send funds. Connect provides gross earnings tracking and can even generate and deliver 1099 tax forms automatically for US businesses. Stripe helps keep full records of all transactions, so tracking and reconciling payments is uncomplicated.

Facilitating payments to different countries come with its own set of challenges due to stringent regulations that vary depending on the location. However, with Connect, Stripe takes up the responsibility of handling KYC obligations, relieving you of the burden. Using innovative technology, such as card data tokenization, it ensures adherence to PCI compliance standards while also leveraging its global network of licenses and verification systems for KYC checks. At Stripe, we prioritize the safety of payment transactions, adopting a risk-based financial crimes screening program for identity verification, sanctions screening, MATCH list checks, and secure credit card data tokenization to ensure compliance with PCI standards. Our Money transmitter licenses (MTL) in the US and e-money (EMI) license in the EU further reinforce our commitment to regulatory compliance. With Connect, you can effortlessly ensure compliance while delegating the nitty-gritty of payments-related customer support to us, freeing up your time to focus on improving user experience on your platform. Plus, when you expand your business to new geographies, we will always be ready to back you up.

As CEO and co-founder of the company, Johannes Koeppel, I strongly recommend that you explore Stripe's financial solutions to expand your revenue streams beyond payments. Access our top-notch financial solutions, such as online and in-person payments, invoicing, card issuing, financing, sales tax collection, and more to unlock new business opportunities. Our services not only centralize in-person and online payments but also enable integrated invoicing for faster payments, flexible subscription, and billing plans. Experience hassle-free management of receipts, invoices, and other payment-related operations with Stripe's financial solutions. Start enjoying the benefits of Stripe financial services today!

Provide your users with the means to manage their cash flow and achieve accelerated growth with access to loans.

Jane Diaz

Equip your users with both physical and virtual spending cards that you can create, distribute, and manage. Check out the exhaustive statistics gathered such as coalescing(card brand, 'Non-card or Other') as card brand, count(id) as charge count, and sum(amount)/100.0 as total amount. American Express USD 1,500 20,000.01

Deliver efficient reporting and analytics to give your users enhanced control of their transactions. Protect their privacy with 1× Invisible Shield valued at $25.00. Make sure they're registered with Chase Freedom (•••• 1234) at 27 Fredrick Ave, Brothers, OR 97712, USA, and send them an email at [email protected] or connect via phone at +1 (458) 555-2863.

Drive user conversion by presenting payment options that include Apple Pay.

Elevate the value of your software platform through the integration of payments and financial services. Focus on building and scaling with reduced overhead costs and surplus avenues for earning more revenue.

If you're running an on-demand, retail, creator, or crowdfunding marketplace, you can use Connect to instantaneously onboard users, streamline compliance, and support global payouts. You can also program fast fiat or crypto payouts to your sellers, freelancers, creators, or service providers anywhere in the world, with simple rates.

Discover how Connect can enable you to whitelabel and make the most out of payment monetization. Usage-based and customizable according to your needs.

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