Easy and Effective Air Mattress Deflating Guide: With or Without a Pump

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    Air mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience. They are perfect for home use, for camping trips, or for hosting guests. Airbeds can be easily inflated and provide a comfortable sleep experience. As an Amazon Associate, Air Bed Comparisons earns from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    Deflating your Air Mattress:

      It's important to properly deflate your air mattress when not in use. This will preserve the mattress's lifespan and also save space. To begin, move your fully-inflated air mattress onto a hard surface, like the floor. Once you have it in position, remove any bedding, such as pillows or covers, from the bed. After this, you can begin the deflation process.

      Deflating Your Built-In Pump Air Mattress:

        An air mattress with a built-in pump is designed to be easy to inflate and deflate. If you own one of these, you're in luck! To deflate, simply turn the "deflate" dial on your air mattress. The internal pump will immediately start releasing air from the mattress. In some cases, these airbeds can fully deflate without any supervision.

        Deflating Your Separate-Pump Air Mattress:

          If you have a separate-pump air mattress, you will need to have an external pump on hand. These airbeds usually require that the pump has two distinct nozzles: a wide-opening nozzle and a narrow-opening nozzle. Attach the wide-opening nozzle on the pump to the wide-opening mouth on the airbed. Once it's connected, switch on the pump, and the air mattress will automatically begin deflating.

          No Pump? No Problem:

            If you find yourself without a pump, don't worry. You can still deflate your air mattress manually. First, open the single valve that's used for both inflating and deflating. From here, place your hands and knees on the mattress and slowly apply consistent pressure as the mattress deflates. You may need to repeat this process a few times until you've fully deflated the mattress.


              Whether you own an internal or external pump air mattress, deflating it is easy. It's important to follow these steps to protect your mattress and ensure it lasts as long as possible. With air mattresses, you no longer need to worry about a lack of sleeping space at home or on the road. They are the perfect solution for a comfortable night's sleep, no matter where you are.

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