Easy Methods for Cleaning a Pillow Top Mattress

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The plush comfort of a pillow top mattress is due to its extra padding at the very top. However, due to the increased absorbency of the top layers, stains are more likely to set in on these mattresses. Also, unlike standard innerspring and even some memory foam mattresses, a pillow top cannot be flipped for cleaning.

We suggest getting a mattress cover and washing that. However, standard mattress protectors and covers may be too short for some pillow tops, and there's no point in using a mattress topper on top of a pillow top. The proper care of your mattress is essential, so it's wise to familiarize yourself with the proper methods.

To learn how to clean a mattress effectively, keep reading!

Tools Necessary for Mattress Cleaning

It's possible that you'll need more than one type of cleaning product to get rid of all the stains. To learn more, please refer to the following tables.

You need the following for a standard deep cleaning:

  • A vacuum
  • Both baking soda and a steam cleaner

What you need to get rid of sweat or urine stains:

  • Wet or dry rags that have been recently cleaned
  • Water
  • Something like a large bowl or bucket
  • Something to spray with
  • Washing up liquid (laundry detergent, shampoo for couches, etc.)
  • Malt vinegar
  • Water with a little bit of bleach added to it, or hydrogen peroxide
  • Salicylic acid

Needed to get rid of blood stains are:

  • Towels or rags that have recently been cleaned
  • Water
  • The use of a spray bottle
  • Inorganic acid also known as white vinegar
  • Powdered meat tenderizer
  • Bristled brush

Pillow Top Mattress Care and Maintenance

You can get more use out of your mattress by keeping it clean. When you change your bed sheets and find a new stain, you should consider doing a spot cleaning of your mattress. You should clean and deodorize your mattress at least once every six months. Read our piece on how to get more use out of your mattress to learn more about how to make your bed last longer.

A woman cleans the top of a mattress

If you're just giving your mattress a general cleaning and not worrying about specific stains, you can get rid of allergens, dead skin cells, and dust mites by vacuuming the pillow top. A small hand vacuum is useful for this if your vacuum doesn't have an upholstery attachment. Deodorize your mattress further by sprinkling baking soda all over it. After an hour, vacuum the baking soda away. If you want your mattress to last as long as possible and feel as good as new, this is the method to use.

A different option is to use a steam cleaner on your mattress. Before attempting a steam clean on your mattress, you should consult the label or website of the mattress's manufacturer. Basically, you should steam clean your mattress instead of using baking soda, and then vacuum it.

Methods for Cleaning Perspiration Stains from a Pillow Top Mattress

You'll need some warm water, dish soap, a bucket, a clean cloth, and a bristle brush to get rid of sweat stains on a pillow top mattress. To clean your mattress, simply combine dish soap with water in a bucket, then use a clean cloth to scrub the surface. Scrub in a circling motion.

Wait 20 minutes, then use a fresh cloth to blot the bed with clean water that has been treated with soap. Obtain a spray bottle and some white vinegar if the perspiration stains persist. White vinegar should be sprayed onto the stained area and left to sit for about an hour. After this, you should use a fresh, white towel to absorb any remaining moisture. Let your mattress dry naturally.

Are you sick of constantly having to clean your bed of sweat stains? If you're having trouble keeping cool in bed, check out our handy guide.

Pillow Top Mattress Urine Removal

It's important to treat urine stains on a pillow top mattress in a way that eliminates both the staining and the odor. You'll need a spray bottle, some hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, some clean towels, and a vacuum cleaner to accomplish this.

A stain sits on a pillow top mattress

Before washing the sheets, use a clean towel to remove as much of the urine as possible. The next step is to use the vinegar in the spray bottle to soak the urine stain. Use a dry towel to blot it up until the mattress is dry. While waiting, prepare a cleaning solution by combining 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Saturate the stain with that, which you can put into a spray bottle. Ten minutes later, dry the bed with a fresh towel after letting the mixture sit.

It may be necessary to repeat the steps above multiple times before the stain disappears.

The Struggle Against Urine Smell

Cover the affected area with baking soda and leave it there overnight if you want to make sure there is no lingering odor (especially if you are dealing with animal urine). You should do this right after you've finished urinating. Put the baking soda in the vacuum cleaner first thing in the morning.

Hydrogen peroxide is effective on its own, but you can make it even more effective by adding an essential oil, like lavender, to it. Additionally, this may aid in reducing the odor.

Taking Care of Blood Stains

Stains can become permanent over time, making traditional stain removers ineffective. In most cases, old blood stains are like that. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem of these in the bedroom.

When dealing with a fresh bloodstain, fill a spray bottle with equal parts cold water and white vinegar. Apply pressure with a damp cloth or paper towel to absorb any remaining blood (but do not rub the wound). If the stain persists, spray it with the vinegar solution. For best results, let the mixture rest for at least 30 minutes before blotting it. Iterate as necessary

A person cleans a blood stain from a mattress

Meat tenderizer powder is what you need if the stain is old and resistant. This will denature the proteins in the blood, making it easier to wash out of your mattress. One tablespoon of meat tenderizer powder and two teaspoons of cold water is the magic formula. After the mixture has thickened into a paste, apply it to your mattress and scrub it in with a bristle brush. Then, blot it up or vacuum it up after it dries.

Are you interested in learning how to properly care for the rest of your bedding? Read our advice on how to remove blood stains from bedding.

When Should You Clean Your Pillow Top Mattress?

How often should you flip your mattress? Every six months, or whenever you notice new stains, give your mattress a good cleaning. You might not have to clean your mattress as often if you use a protector.

Remember that even if you meticulously maintain your mattress, it will need to be replaced at some point. Even though it's not always obvious, a good rule of thumb is that you should replace your bed every 7-10 years. Your bed should be replaced if you notice any sagging or general discomfort. Check out our compilation of the finest pillow top mattresses to be released in 2023 if you are in the market for a new bed.


You May Have Questions Even Now Don't worry, we've got you covered. Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section.

A mattress can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. However, many carpet cleaners have chemicals that are unsafe for sleeping on. For the best results, use natural products or mild cleaners like dish soap and vinegar.  

Most pillow top mattresses can be steam cleaned, yes. Before using a steam cleaner to remove stains from your mattress, it is recommended that you first check the care instructions included with your bed.

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