Dimensions for an Air Mattress

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Air beds have emerged as a popular alternative to conventional mattresses in recent years. They are not only easy to stow away, but also provide a pleasant night's sleep. Length, width, and height are the standard units of measurement for an air bed. This is because different sized ones are better suited to various tasks.  

The standard dimensions for a twin air bed are 75 by 39 by 18 inches. The standard dimensions for a twin XL air bed are 80 by 39 by 19. The standard dimensions for a full-size air bed are 90 inches wide, 54 inches long, and 17 inches high. The standard dimensions for a Queen air bed are 80 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 18 inches in depth. The standard dimensions for a King-sized air bed are 80 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 16 inches thick. The typical dimensions for a California king air bed are 84 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 20 inches high.  

Air beds have multiple indoor and outdoor uses depending on their size. Because of the positive effects on health, some people choose to use them permanently. Read our piece on the advantages of air beds to learn more. Perfect for camping so you don't have to sleep on the hard ground One or two guests can sleep comfortably in one of these, depending on the size. Use this guide to determine what size air mattress is best for you.

Dimensions of Air Beds

Size variations in air beds mean they have different applications.

There are a variety of standard air mattress sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Most air mattresses have a height of between 6 and 18 inches.

A small airbed, roughly the size of a twin

Standard dimensions for a twin air mattress are 75 by 39 by 18 inches. Only one person can sleep comfortably on a twin-sized air mattress. Nonetheless, a double- or single-tall air mattress of the same width (length) as a standard twin will have a different height (thickness). A single-tall air mattress is shorter and narrower than a double-tall mattress, typically measuring in at under 10 inches in height despite having the same length and width. When pitching a tent, a thinner mattress can come in handy because it takes up less room. Twin size mattresses that fold up into a single tall unit are ideal for car camping due to limited storage space. Moreover, it will work wonderfully for truck camping.  

If you're traveling solo, the Active Era double-tall twin-size air bed is a great option. Amazon was used as the image source.

To Inflate a Twin XL Bed

Twin XL air mattresses are ideal for those who are taller or heavier, as their extra length makes them more comfortable. Still, it's only designed for a single occupant. Common dimensions (L x W) are 80" x 39". While a twin XL air mattress may work for tent camping, it is too large to fit in most automobiles for use while on the road.    

You can use this Tuomico twin XL air bed anywhere, whether you're camping or just lounging around the house. This picture was purchased from Amazon.com.

Measurements for a Full-Size Air Mattress

Standard dimensions for a full-size, double-high air mattress are 75 by 54 by 17 inches (inches). The full size is often called a "double" because it is large enough to accommodate two people. It's the perfect size for around the house or a weekend camping trip. Full-size air mattresses come in both single- and double-height heights; the difference between the two is the thickness. The dimensions of a standard full-size air mattress are 75 by 54 by 10 inches (length, width, and height, respectively). When compared to the thicker version, this one is preferable for camping in a car or truck. Of course, the thinner full-size air mattress can also be used inside.

You can also find longer versions of standard full-size air mattresses, with dimensions of 90 by 54 inches (length by width). A true XL, these are the real deal! If you do happen to come across one of these, measure the area where you intend to put it to ensure it will be a suitable fit. It's probably too big to fit in a regular car or truck.

A couple of average height adults can sleep comfortably on this extra-long Sable full-size XL air bed. Amazon is the image source.

Airbed, Queen Size

Air mattresses come in a variety of sizes, but a typical queen-size one is 80 by 60 by 18 inches (inches). An air mattress of this size is great for indoor use, especially if you frequently have guests over. If you have a large enough tent, it can also be a pleasant camping experience. However, a queen-size air mattress that is double-high won't work for camping in a car or truck. Queen air mattresses typically measure 80 by 60 by 10 inches (L by W by H). In general, two people who weigh less than 650 pounds combined will be comfortable on a double air mattress of this size. Find out more about the different air bed weight capacities by reading our article on air beds that can support 400 pounds or more.  

Indoor use is recommended for this Bedsure queen-size air bed. Amazon was the original image provider.

Inflatable Bed, King Size

Standard dimensions for a king-size air mattress are 80 by 70 by 16 inches. Measures a total of 5 inches in length, width, and height. The double-sized air mattress is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. However, a tent of this size isn't practical for use in the back of a pickup truck or a car.

The standard measurements for a single-tall king-size air mattress are 80 by 70 by 9 inches (L x W x H). A single-high mattress is versatile and can be used both outdoors and indoors, but heavier people may find it uncomfortable. Check out our detailed guide on air mattress weight limits if you want to learn more about how much weight each size can support.   

Indulge in a restful night's sleep on this king-size Enerplex air mattress, which easily accommodates two people. Amazon was used as a source for this image.

The Specifications of a King-Sized Airbed in the Golden State

The dimensions of a California king air mattress surpass those of a standard king mattress in both dimensions. While the standard dimensions for a king-size air mattress are 80 by 70 by 16, 84 by 72 by 20 (L x W x H) inches for a California king, and 76 by 80 by 20 (L x W x H) inches for a standard king. Even though a tent of this size is suitable for use when camping, it is too big to be transported in a car.  

The extra-tall Englander California king-size air bed is ideal for those who prefer the feel of a traditional bed while they sleep. Amazon was used to obtain this image.

It's also recommended that you invest in a sturdy air mattress. Before you buy an air mattress, check out our guide on what to look for in a long-lasting model. Make sure you understand the financial side of air mattresses by checking out our air bed price guide as well as our comprehensive guide to air bed costs.

The types of hospital air beds that are used may also be of interest to you. If you want to learn more about this, check out the article we've linked to.

Which Size of Air Mattress Is Ideal for a Guest Room?

The adaptability of air mattresses is a great benefit. A portable air mattress can be stashed away until needed, or it can be kept out and ready. The versatility of air beds allows you to put your spare bedroom to many uses.

The number of overnight guests in a room is the starting point for selecting an appropriate air mattress size. The next step is to decide whether or not guests will sleep in separate beds. Finally, figure out how much everyone is weighing, and make sure the air mattress can support everyone plus their bedding.

Step 1 In your guest room, how many people do you anticipate?

Which type of air bed you'll need depends on how many visitors you plan on having in your guest room. If you're looking for a mattress, how many people will be sleeping on it? Is a shared bed sufficient, or do you need extra beds for each of these visitors? Can we assume that they are adults or minors? Will there be a range in number and kind of attendees? It's important to keep in mind that using inflatable beds can be dangerous for infants, as explained in this article from Intex, a manufacturer of air beds. This child's air bed is the perfect solution for a toddler, while this double high air bed is suitable for an adult.  

Step 2 How Many People Share Each Bed?

Sharing a bed is a major factor to think about. The use of air beds is recommended if you do not want your guests to share a bed. In order to fit in the space, they will need to reduce in size. These convenient twin air mattress sets can accommodate a number of guests at once.

Step 3 Pick the Right Size of Air Mattress

A single traveler will fit comfortably on a twin-sized air mattress. A full-size air bed is sufficient if you plan to have two guests share a bed. You'll need two or more air beds, preferably in separate rooms, if your guests aren't all going to share a single bed.  

What Is the Best Size of Camping Air Mattress?

Bringing an air mattress camping can make a world of difference in the quality of your sleep. Sleeping on an air mattress is much more comfortable than on the ground or any other hard surface.  

The ideal dimensions for a camping air mattress are one in which the tent's width and length are smaller by one to two inches on each side. Tents can accommodate either a single or double tall air mattress, but the former will provide more vertical space.

Make sure you read our article on the common air bed dangers and how to fix them before you take your air mattress on your next camping trip. Here are two examples of tents that can house a variety of air mattress sizes, as well as a guide for selecting the right air mattress for your camping trip.  

We took our air mattress and set up camp in a Coleman Skydome.

Coleman's SkyDome camping tent has an 84-inch diameter, a 60-inch diameter, and a 48-inch center height. This tent is large enough to accommodate two adults on a queen-sized air mattress, which completely fills the space inside. Because the tent is so spacious, you can use either a standard or king-size mattress inside.  

Here's a quick video showing how to erect a Coleman Skydome tent for those of you who have never camped before.

There are several Coleman Skydome tent sizes available, with capacities ranging from two to six people, and all of them can be used with a variety of standard air mattress sizes. This picture was purchased from Amazon.com.

Tent camping with an air mattress (Coleman Sundome)

The Coleman Sundome tent is big enough to fit a queen- or king-sized air bed thanks to its generous 10' x 10' dimensions. This tent is ideal for a group that wants to share a sleeping space because it can accommodate two queen-size air beds at once. The center of the tent is a generous 6 feet high, making it suitable for both standard and extra-long single or double air mattresses, as well as an elevated air bed. In our comprehensive guide on how to set up a camping air bed, we detail the various ways this can be accomplished.  

It's possible to fit a queen- or king-sized air mattress inside this Coleman Sundome tent. Amazon is the image source.

Bringing an Air Bed on a Road Trip

One of the most enjoyable activities is car camping. If you have the right air mattress, you can sleep soundly and easily in your vehicle. When the back seats are folded all the way down, most SUVs and utility vehicles can easily fit an air bed inside.

If you want to go SUV camping with an air mattress, you should get a mattress that fits the available space in the back of the vehicle (usually measured in feet). Since the trunk and rear seat area of a sedan are typically more compact, you should purchase an air mattress tailored to the make and model of your vehicle.  

The size of a car's rear compartments varies greatly depending on the model. In order to determine whether or not your SUV has enough room for an air mattress, you need only measure the flat, open space created when the seats are lowered. For convenience in transport, select a single-height air bed. Pick an air mattress made specifically for automobile use if you plan on doing any car camping in your sedan.

This inflatable twin mattress is perfect for sleeping in the back of your car while on a camping trip. Amazon is the original source.

Overnighting in a Truck with an Air Bed

Truck camping: have you ever done it? In our article, we outline easy steps to make a comfortable truck camping bed, where we show you how to use an air mattress to get a good night's sleep in the back of your truck. It's simple to go truck camping on an air mattress; just make sure to get one that fits the bed of your truck.  

Mattresses that can fit into the floor sleeping areas of two different sized trucks are shown below.

Vacationing in a Ram 1500 Express

The sleeping area of the Ram 1500 Express has a floor width of 50 inches. Twin-sized air mattresses will fit in this vehicle. A full-size, single-tall air mattress, if necessary, should fit without any trouble.  

You can fit two people onto this full-size, extra-low air mattress. The picture was purchased from Amazon.com.

Overnighting in a 2021 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab

Twenty-first century Chevrolet Colorados have a 62-inch wide bed. Which means an air mattress the size of a queen will fit just fine. To accommodate the truck's height, you'll need a single-tall one.

How Big Is an Air Mattress When It's Not in Use?

One of the most obvious benefits of an air mattress is its portability when not in use. But the style and features of the mattress will determine its final deflated size.  

When deflated and folded, an airbed takes up much less space than a conventional mattress. When packing for a trip, pick an inflatable mattress that won't take up too much room. The flat dimensions of a queen-sized air mattress are 17 inches by 7 inches by 13 inches. The dimensions of a full XL deflated air bed are 13 inches by 7 inches. 5 in by 15 A deflated twin-size air bed is about 3 feet long and 5 inches wide. 4 in by 7 A measurement of 7 inches by 7 inches  

It's simple to fold up and store away an air mattress. How simple? Read our detailed guide on deflating an air mattress.   

Examples of different compressed air mattress sizes are shown below. Be sure to measure the air mattress when it's deflated in case it won't fit in your luggage or storage space. If you want your Coleman air mattress to last as long as possible, it's important to follow the guidelines outlined in the manufacturer's manual.  

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