Deflate Your Air Mattress with Ease: A Comprehensive Guide with and Without a Pump

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    Air Bed Comparisons is a website that earns commissions from qualifying purchases made through links in their blog posts. One of the popular items sold through these links are air mattresses, which have grown in popularity due to their convenience and easy usage. In this article, we will discuss how to properly deflate an air mattress.

    Benefits of Air Mattresses:

      Air mattresses have become a convenient way to sleep comfortably either at home or on the road. They are particularly useful when you are short on beds at home as they can save both time and money. Additionally, inflating and deflating an air mattress can be done quickly and easily, without the need for a pump. Have you ever slept on an air mattress away from home? If so, you probably agree that they can be life-savers.

      How to Deflate an Air Mattress - Preparing to Deflate Your Air Mattress:

        Before deflating your air mattress, make sure it is on a hard surface and not on a bed frame. Remove anything that may be lying on the bed, including pillows, duvet covers, or other items before beginning the deflation process. Properly deflating your air mattress can protect its overall integrity and save you time when you next need to use it.

        Deflating Your Built-In Pump Air Mattress:

          Air mattresses with built-in pumps are designed to make the deflation process effortless. To deflate your air mattress with an internal pump, flip the “deflate” button or dial. Depending on the brand, your airbed may display a “deflate” button, a “0” sign, or a “minus (-)” sign to indicate deflation. The internal pump will begin releasing air from the mattress, and the entire deflation process may take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The advantage of having an air mattress with an internal pump is that it can fully deflate itself without supervision.

          Deflating Your Separate-Pump Air Mattress:

            Air mattresses that require an external pump usually come with two distinct nozzles: a wide-opening nozzle and a narrow-opening nozzle. To begin deflating your airbed, attach the wide-opening nozzle on the pump to the wide-opening mouth on the airbed. Switch on the pump, and the mattress will automatically begin deflating. If you think your air mattress is deflating too slowly, hold the pump to the valve while the pump is in operation, or have a friend apply pressure to the mattress to speed up the process.

            No Pump? No Problem:

            • If you don't have a pump to deflate your air mattress, apply continuous pressure with your hands and knees to the wide-opening valve on the mattress, and it will eventually become completely flat within 10 minutes, depending on its size and the amount of pressure applied.
            • Choosing the Right Air Mattress for Your Needs:

            If you want an easy and hands-off deflation process, an air mattress with its internal pump is the way to go. However, internal-pump airbeds are not suitable for outdoor use since they require a power source. If you need an air mattress for camping or outdoor use, purchasing an external-pump airbed is the way to go.


              In conclusion, air mattresses are a convenient and easy-to-use bedding solution that is both affordable and space-saving. Whether you need to use them at home or on the road, properly deflating them is essential for their maintenance and longevity, and with the methods outlined above, you can rest easy knowing you're doing it right.

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