DIY Mattress Relocation Guide (In Easy Steps)

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The difference between a good night's sleep and a terrible one can be as great as night and day if you have a high-quality mattress. The question of how to move a mattress, which can be quite pricey on its own, will naturally take center stage when it comes time to relocate to a new home.

The first step in learning how to move a mattress is determining whether or not it is even worth it to do so, depending on its current condition. If you decide that your mattress has served its purpose, making that determination early can save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

If giving up your pricey mattress is out of the question, however, you should keep reading to learn more about the initial mattress evaluation, additional information about protecting a mattress when moving, and the specific steps for moving a mattress on your own.

Should you even consider rearranging your bed? Advice on Evaluating Mattresses

You need assurance that you aren't blundering before you can worry about properly wrapping your mattress for moving and getting it to your new place. Truth be told, it's not just your bed accessory; moving anything you shouldn't be moving is a judgment error because of the time and money lost in the relocation process.

There is an unspoken rule that every 7-10 years a mattress should be inspected for wear and quality decline. Exactly how long have you been sleeping on your current mattress? When moving into a new home, it may be time to replace your old mattress if it's more than ten years old or if you simply don't know how old it is.

Look closely at your mattress to see if there are any dirty, worn, torn, or sagging spots. The condition of your old mattress may also be to blame for your recent spate of mysterious backaches.

However, if your mattress is relatively new and in good condition, you may not need to assess it at all; it would be wasteful to leave it behind and then buy a new one after the move is over.

You should look at the purchase of a new mattress as an investment in your future health and happiness, despite the fact that it is rather pricey.

For more on this topic, see if it's better to buy new furniture or move the old ones after a move.

Suggestions for properly packing a mattress prior to a move

Hiring professional movers is without a doubt the simplest option for having your bed mattress packed and transported to your new home. Professional packers and movers will carefully wrap and transport your mattress and the rest of your bed (if you're moving that, too) and any other furniture or belongings you wish to take with you.

Since hiring movers will cost you money, though maybe not as much as you're anticipating, you might have decided to move your mattress on your own. Since we've already covered the ins and outs of moving a mattress, we'll shift gears to highlight a crucial component of the packing process.

Designed to protect your mattress while in transit

When it comes to moving a mattress, a mattress moving bag is an absolute must-have. The plastic mattress cover will prevent your bed accessory from getting dirty, wet, or damaged in any other way while in transit.

For around $10, you can buy a mattress protector specifically designed for moving purposes from a reputable furniture retailer or a Home Depot. Alternately, if you have time to wait for its delivery, you can order a sturdy mattress cover online.

Use furniture blankets in place of a mattress transport cover if you don't have time to go buy one. Packing tape, stretch wrap, or bits of twine or rope can be used to secure the blankets covering your bed mattress.

The best way to pack bedding when moving can be found here.

Tips for moving a mattress on your own

After you've wrapped your mattress in moving blankets, it's time to transport it to your new place. Relocating is not hard, especially if you have a suitable vehicle, and you don't need to hire help.

A vehicle large enough to accommodate your bulky and heavy mattress is, unsurprisingly, the most crucial factor in a successful mattress relocation mission.

Instructions for solo mattress relocation are as follows:

Step 1 Invest in a reliable vehicle for transportation.

You shouldn't have any trouble loading your standard-sized mattress onto a pick-up truck, whether you own one or borrow one from a friend.

A mattress might fit in the back of a large SUV if you fold down the rear seats and/or fold it in half (though you should verify this with the mattress's manufacturer to be sure).

Mattresses of any size (including queen and king) can fit into a moving truck.

Essential reading: what size truck do you need for your move?

Step 2 To enlist the aid of companions, please ask around.

Most mattresses are too large and heavy to be safely handled by a single person, so you'll need help relocating them.

If you have decided against hiring professional furniture movers, you will need the help of your friends on moving day. Get at least one more person to assist you, and ideally two.

Tips for enlisting the aid of your pals in your relocation can be found here.

Step 3 Make room for an escape

Check the path you'll take to get from the room where you're packing your mattress to the waiting moving truck. Remove any debris or obstructions from the way, and check for any dusty or wet spots on the ground.

Importance: Preventing Injuries and Mishaps During Your House Move

Step 4 Toss the bed into the back of the moving truck.

Place the covered mattress on its side, long way. One of the corners needs to be supported by a moving strap or rope, and your assistant can do the same for the other side. Use the handles on your mattress instead of straps or rope.

The two of you should work together to lift the heavy mattress, checking its distribution of weight as you go to ensure the load remains stable. Each of you should keep one hand on the mattress for stability as you begin to make your way slowly and cautiously toward the moving vehicle.

Step 5 Bring the bed over to the car.

Put in all your muscle to get that boxed mattress into the moving van. Put the bed against the side of the rented moving van or (borrowed) pickup truck and tie it down with rope to prevent it from moving around. Mattresses made of fragile materials like memory foam or gel should be transported in a flat state at all times. It is possible to lay a spring mattress flat or on its side. As was previously mentioned, you can try to fit your mattress inside of your SUV by folding down the rear seats.

Instructions for packing a moving truck

IMPORTANT WARNING about mattress relocation

Want to know how to transport a mattress in your car?

NO, you should not do that

No matter how short the trip, moving a mattress by strapping it to the roof of a car is an extremely risky and dangerous proposition. The large and heavy mattress poses a serious risk if it were to fall from the car's roof, both in terms of its own destruction and the potential for an accident that would injure others.

It is also against the law in some areas to transport a mattress on top of a car, so if you are pulled over for any reason, you may be subject to an unsafe driving fine.

Don't take chances unless you absolutely have to. In the event that you are unable to acquire a suitable moving vehicle or a friend is not available to provide the necessary assistance, it is prudent to obtain a price quote from a moving company in order to transport your mattress to the new residence.

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