DIY Garage Solutions for Storing a Mattress

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You may be wondering if and how you can keep a mattress in the garage given your limited storage space inside the house. An ideal location for a mattress is in a bedroom, but one can safely store a mattress in a garage if precautions are taken.

When storing a mattress, does it go bad?

does a mattress go bad in storage

While it's true that mattresses don't typically "go bad" or get damaged in storage, it's still important to not carelessly leave your mattress lying around and instead follow the right procedures for storing it.

Keep in mind that proper mattress storage for an extended period of time can lessen the likelihood of musty odors developing. Keeping a mattress in the right spot will keep it from taking on any unwanted odors from other parts of your home. A mattress with poor airflow between its layers will quickly become musty.

Keeping mold and mildew out of your storage space is another important consideration. The right humidity levels are just as crucial as fresh air.

Finally, keep in mind that you should take measures to help the mattress maintain its shape while it is being stored. This is crucial for firm and ultra-firm mattresses in particular. They are more vulnerable to external impact because of their thinner construction.

What's the Best Way to Protect a Mattress During Storage?

how do you store a mattress without damaging it

Remember these suggestions for storing your mattress.

Can a mattress be safely kept in the basement or garage?

It's possible to keep a mattress in the garage, but it might not be the best idea if your garage lacks insulation or tends to get wet.

If so, you should protect the mattress by placing it inside a large, waterproof storage bag. If you're going to be storing your mattress in a garage (or a storage unit, the same rule of thumb applies), this will help you keep it dry and protected.

Instructions for Leaning a Mattress Against the Wall

A flat surface is ideal for storing a mattress. If you store it on its side, roll it up, or fold it, the weight could cause the structure to buckle, shift, or warp. Due to this, lumps form or the coils break.

Since the mattress needs to be laid flat, just like it would be on the bed, you'll need to find a spot in the garage that offers this possibility.

There is a simple hack you can try if you have to keep your mattress stored up against a wall:

Use a rope to bind your bed's box spring and mattress together. This way, neither of them will topple over in storage. A heavy object can be braced against the base to prevent it from toppling over or sagging against the wall.

Should Mattresses Be Stacked?

In order to save space, mattresses can (and should) be stacked. They'll be safe and secure for the foreseeable future if you keep them here. You should stack them like this in your garage, so long as the floor is clean.

Mattresses should be stacked atop another surface if at all possible to keep out moisture.

How to Roll Up and Store Your Mattress

It's time to get to work once you've settled on a location and method for storing your mattress.

First things first, clean it. While you've been using it, dust, dirt, and other debris are likely to have accumulated on your mattress. Allergies are often brought on by dust mites, which thrive in the humid conditions created by the mattress.

To clean your mattress thoroughly, you should take off all sheets and mattress covers and vacuum it from all sides.

You should carefully treat stains if they appear. Mix equal parts of baking soda, dish soap, and lukewarm water. Pour it on the spot, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then blot it dry with a towel. Rest assured that your mattress will dry quickly.

An inexpensive mattress storage bag is worth thinking about. This is the only foolproof method for keeping unwanted guests like bedbugs and rodents from making your mattress their new home.

Watch this video for more advice on keeping insects out of your mattress while it's in storage:

Mattresses are stored according to category.

Finally, it's important to be aware that different types of mattresses have various storage options.

The coils found in traditional mattresses are absent in memory foam mattresses. The increased susceptibility to warping and mildew growth necessitates the placement flat and wrapping of these mattresses.

Weight and density make latex mattresses more likely to sag. Not in an upright position again!

Spring mattresses have more shape retention because of their reinforced coil units. Although they are still malleable, they are more resistant to distortion when propped up against a wall.

Some Other Suggestions Regarding Mattress Storage

Make sure the garage is as temperature-controlled as possible if you plan to store your mattress there. The moisture and humidity in your mattress will be better protected. If humidity is a problem, use a dehumidifier.

Don't stack anything too heavy or awkwardly shaped on top of your mattress when storing it. Damage to the mattress's exterior can result from this, particularly to its shape or springs.

Finally, a mattress cover is a good investment to safeguard your mattress during storage; however, a thick sheet of plastic will not suffice. As a result, your mattress won't be able to breathe as it should. Avoid using plastic altogether if at all possible, or at least limit yourself to a very thin layer.

If you don't have enough room in your basement, garage, or attic, where else can you put

Your mattress can be kept in a number of different places besides just the garage. You can also store your mattress in a climate-controlled storage unit, a dry, ventilated room, or any other dry location, so long as you take the precautions we've outlined above.

Your mattress can also be stored in a dry, finished basement.

It is important to keep in mind that direct heat, moisture, and stale air are all detrimental to a mattress's condition when storing it. You can rest easy knowing that your mattress is safe if you refrain from storing it in the garage, where it could be exposed to excessive heat or moisture.

See this garage storage guide for more information.

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