Cleaning a Tempur-Pedic bed: what works and what doesn't?

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Mattresses take a lot of abuse in our bedrooms over the course of their useful lives. They quickly become a breeding ground for dust mites, dead skin, sweat, spilled food, and other allergens.

It's best to clean your mattress before you even notice a stain or unpleasant odor. Because of their unique construction, memory foam mattresses cannot be cleaned in the same way as conventional mattresses. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are the same way.

In this article, we'll explain how to care for a Tempur-Pedic mattress properly (and recommend some other top-rated mattresses, too). Let's start with a comprehensive list of everything you can do to restore their pristine condition.

Now, then, let us get started.

How Often Should a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Be Cleaned?

The amount of time spent on your mattress is crucial information to have. By keeping this in mind, you can better gauge how often you should be cleaning your mattress.

cleaning tempurpedic mattress step by step guide

If you only use your mattress for sleeping, you can get away with a once-yearly cleaning to keep it smelling fresh and looking clean. But if you have kids and pets and like to eat and drink in bed, you will need to clean your mattress every month because accidents will happen.

Protect your investment in your Tempur-Pedic mattress with a removable, machine-washable cooling cover. The manufacturer also states that this cover is stain-proof, fluid-proof, and waterproof. Covers and mattress toppers should also be cleaned according to the schedule.

Learn the Proper Way to Clean Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Compendium of Necessary Items

  • Device for washing clothes
  • Nylon (self-bristled) brush.
  • Clothesline, clothes rack, or drying rack
  • A revolving fan
  • An Introduction to Microfiber Towels
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaner with attachments
  • Salicylic acid
  • Cool water
  • Enzymatic detergent

Pick the best time to clean your home.

You should always wait at least four hours after cleaning your Tempur-Pedic mattress before using it again. After that, you can give the mattress a good cleaning, and it will have dried completely.

Throw out your sheets

When cleaning your Tempur-Pedic mattress, it is imperative that you do not forget to remove the sheets, comforter, and mattress cover.

cleaning tempurpedic mattress tips & tricks

Look for and treat stains on the mattress cover.

It makes no difference whether you are using the original mattress cover or a more high-tech Tempur-Protect cover. Before washing, check for any obvious stains. Use laundry detergent with enzymes to clean any stains.

These stains can be wiped away with your fingers or a soft bristled brush. Ten minutes should suffice before you throw it in the washing machine.

Mattress covers should be washed regularly.

Your washing machine's water temperature should be set to cold, and you should use the normal cycle. A heavy load cycle is another option.

Throw the cover in the washer and get to sneezing with your regular detergent. It's imperative that you refrain from using chlorine-based detergents and softeners. Use a gentle detergent to clean the base layer as needed.

Covers should not be dry cleaned. The SmartClimate (cool-to-touch) materials used in these sheets are vulnerable to the dry cleaning chemicals.

Wet you bury it

Air drying is the method Tempur-Pedic suggests for drying your mattress cover. However, an automatic dryer is off-limits unless it is an air-only dryer and then only at the coolest possible setting. You need to keep an eye on the cover and make sure it doesn't dry out by checking it often.

You should consider vacuuming your mattress.

A strong vacuum cleaner or a hand-held soft brush can be used to clean the dust. So, you can use a hose or an upholstery brush to clean it, too.

In a circular motion beginning at one end, you can reach the other. The dust and mites that have been collecting will be displaced.

Putting baking soda on the bed can help.

Baking soda is a helpful remedy for eliminating odors of all kinds. It has the potential to be quite efficient in neutralizing a wide range of odors. Smells like urine, cigarette smoke, and similar strong odors fall into this category.

All you have to do is sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for about an hour. Better outcomes can be expected over a longer time frame. The dust can then be easily removed by suction.

How to clean your Tempur-Pedic mattress

Last but not least, give your mattress a good rinsing and air dry it to eliminate any lingering odors or stains. For more information on this specific procedure, please consult the manual that came with your Tempur-Pedic mattress or visit their website.

If you need to dry your mattress, let it air out instead of using a hair dryer or other heat source. A mattress can be dried quickly with the help of a circulating fan.

What You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress Through Proper Cleaning

If you want your Tempur-Pedic mattress to look like new for as long as possible, you should follow these guidelines.

  • Maintaining a clean mattress cover and fresh sheets is a must. This is a good habit to get into year-round but especially important during the warmer months when heat and moisture can build up on your mattress.
  • You can get rid of the dust mites in your mattress by vacuuming it regularly, at least once or twice a month.
  • When cleaning your mattress, you should avoid using any kind of heat or wet cleaning solutions.
  • You can keep a close eye on the humidity levels in your bedroom to ensure that mold and mildew don't start to spread.
  • Never go to sleep with wet sheets or anything else. Prior to getting into bed, check to see that all of your bedding is dry.


It's not hard to maintain the cleanliness of your Tempur-Pedic mattress. Please read the instructions carefully, and if you have any questions, contact their customer service. How often you clean your mattress will largely depend on how often you use it.

In order to remove odors and stains from your mattress, try using baking soda. It's recommended to use laundry detergent mixed with water to clean the mattress before washing the cover and sheets in a washing machine. This will allow you to extend the life of your Tempur-Pedic mattress by keeping it clean.

You can, in fact, machine-wash a Tempur-Pedic mattress. It can be easily removed and washed in cold water. Dry on a low heat setting or hang your clothes to dry. Don't use any bleach or harsh cleaners because they may damage the fabric.
The Supreme Tempur mattress topper is not machine washable and can not be dry cleaned. It is imperative that you exercise extreme caution when dealing with these water-resistant mattress covers. It is preferable to contact the manufacturer or read the manual in order to receive the best possible treatment.

For reliable outcomes, it is recommended that you either get in touch with the company or read the instructions carefully. Make use of laundry detergent and water to clean the mattress and the mattress cover.
To get rid of unpleasant smells, just use baking soda. If you want to dry your mattress faster, you can put it outside or use a fan. For the best results, however, you should wait until it is completely dry.

Remember that a Tempur-Pedic mattress does not fare well when subjected to either water or heat. This is why you should use a dry microfiber towel as soon as possible after a spill on your sheets. However, if water is allowed to soak into the foam, it will be damaged. Another option for drying off is to use a dry cloth or paper towel.

According to Tempur-Pedic, its products retain their original form over the course of many years. As a result, you will never again need to flip or rotate your mattress. It has a unique, patent-protected design that ensures it will retain its form indefinitely.

You need to make sure that any fluid spills are cleaned up as soon as possible after they happen. Paper towels can soak up a lot of liquid. Just spray some white vinegar on the affected area and use a dry paper towel to absorb the liquid once more. If you sprinkle baking soda on a damp spot and leave it alone for 10 hours, it should dry up. Final removal of the stain is as simple as vacuuming up the powder.

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