After a Year with Our NECTAR Mattress

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Though initial comfort is important, how well a mattress sleeps over time is the true litmus test. That's why, after sleeping on a NECTAR bed for a full year, we felt it was time to share our thoughts.


To this day, after more than a year, we still love our NECTAR mattress. Many of the reviews I've read, including those of the NECTAR mattress, seem to have been written by someone who has used the bed for no more than a week (and sometimes even less)

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The durability of a mattress over time is what really matters. Since we intend to keep our mattress for a long time and it doesn't come cheap, we want to make sure it's one we'll be happy with.

Nectar Mattress

How do you deliver the NECTAR mattress?

After settling into our new home last fall, we made the decision to purchase a NECTAR mattress. Since this was my first experience shipping a mattress via FedEx, I wasn't sure what to anticipate.

The NECTAR mattress was packaged for shipping as a rolled-up, long cylinder, wrapped in plastic, placed inside a fabric bag with handles, and then placed inside ANOTHER fabric bag.

I think it's brilliant that you've put the new mattress in a fabric bag, as this makes the package much more manageable. You're correct, a mattress does weigh quite a bit.

NECTAR Mattress Shipping Bag

It was 82 pounds to ship my queen-sized NECTAR mattress and the two free pillows that came with it. When I realized I could carry it up the stairs by myself, I was pretty proud of myself. That extra shipping bag was a big help.

Having the mattress packaged in an inner shipping bag with handles makes it even more convenient to transport. Ugh, if only I'd known that was inside! When your new mattress arrives, I suggest taking it out of its outer shipping bag at the front door and carrying it into your bedroom in the inner bag, which has handles.

NECTAR Mattress Handle Bag

Tutorial on How to Put Together a NECTAR Mattress:

The next, and most enjoyable, step was setting up the mattress. When I got to the top of the stairs, my husband and nephew came to help. The mattress's assembly was similarly painless.

All that was required was to take it out of the out bags. NECTAR comes with a tool to safely remove the plastic packaging from the mattress. (It was originally intended to be used as a mattress unwrapper but has since found new life as a letter opener. )

NECTAR Mattress Plastic Wrapping

Let a NECTAR Mattress Deflate for How Long?

When we were done peeling off the plastic, we simply placed it on the bed's frame and waited for it to expand. The mattress could be used for sleeping after only a few hours, but it took 24 hours to reach full comfort. The optimal comfort level of the mattress was reached after three days (72 hours).

NECTAR Mattress and Frame:

We put our NECTAR on a Zinus 14-inch SmartBase mattress foundation. This foundation works great with both conventional and memory foam mattresses, and we have used it with both types. It's cheap, sturdy, and has plenty of storage space below.

NECTAR provides a bed frame that can be adjusted in height, and it's pretty sweet looking. It's a mattress that, with the help of a remote, can be set to a variety of different positions. I imagine that it would be perfect for late-night reading.

How to Put Together a NECTAR Mattress:

The NECTAR Mattress: How Does It Grow?

Our NECTAR bed needed at least two days to fully expand. While we did get some sleep on it right away, it wasn't until a few days later that it reached its full level of comfort. In comparison, the included memory foam pillows expanded significantly quicker.

NECTAR Mattress Complete

Throw Pillows by NECTAR:

Just a quick note about the pillows, and then I'll get to the mattress. How much you enjoy them, if at all, is likely to depend on factors that are highly subjective. NECTAR pillows are fantastic, especially if you're a fan of memory foam.

You might not like these pillows if you prefer the "standard" While my husband cannot sleep without his NECTAR pillow, I do not. For a few months, I tried using it as my nighttime bedding, but it never felt quite right.

I still keep it in the bedroom because I enjoy using it while propped up in bed reading, but I no longer rely on it for actual sleep. But thanks to his Cpap machine, my husband sleeps through the night.

Mother Daughter on Bed

The next topic is the bed itself. A period of adjustment was necessary during the first few weeks. To be honest, at first I wasn't sure if we'd get used to and end up liking our new mattress. However, we DID

Once we had used the NECTAR mattress for a full month, we were convinced of its superior comfort and ability to help us get a restful night's sleep. After sleeping in hotel beds or the beds of friends and family, we realized how much better our own beds were. As much fun as we have on vacation, nothing beats sleeping on our own bed again.

$100 Off Any Nectar Mattress!

It's another perk of the NECTAR mattress that we both appreciate that it doesn't matter if one of us goes to bed late, gets up early, or gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. the other person in the bed won't be disturbed by your getting up and down. You shouldn't sleep on it if you can't get comfortable without worrying about your partner leaving the house in the middle of the night.

That being said, after sleeping on our NECTAR mattress for an entire year, we can say with confidence that we are completely satisfied with our purchase. For my part, I'm crossing my fingers that it lives up to my expectations.

Here we are, almost two years later, with the NECTAR mattress. During the summer, I received a new mattress to test out and moved our old one to the guest room as a result. There have been several guests who have slept on the NECTAR mattress, and they have all praised its comfort and quality of sleep. I love hearing that, and I'm pleased to know that our cozy bed contributed to their sense of being at home here.  

Nectar Mattress Review

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