6 Simple Solutions to Keep Your Mattress from Sliding

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A comfortable and uninterrupted night's sleep can be easily disrupted by a mattress that constantly slides around on its frame. In fact, sleeping on a surface that continually shifts and moves can feel like dosing off in a funhouse room with an unstable floor.

The good news is that a sliding mattress is a problem that can easily be solved with a few simple solutions. First, determine the root cause of the sliding and then explore our innovative and quick-fix solutions for how to keep a mattress from sliding.

Our Casper mattresses are designed to provide you with optimal comfort, support, and grip to ensure the perfect night's sleep without any slipping or sliding.

But Why Does My Mattress Keep Sliding?

Before identifying how to stop your mattress from sliding, it is crucial to understand what's causing it to slide. The primary reason could range from the design of your bed frame to the age and condition of your mattress.

Frequent mattress slippage can often be attributed to these common culprits:

    Mattress Age Over time, the oils, sweat, and other secretions released by our bodies during sleep can gradually build up, leading to a slippery sleeping surface. If you have used the same mattress for more than seven years, it could be a clear indication that it's time to replace your mattress. Look out for symptoms and signs that could indicate a bad bed.

    Mattress Size It is essential to ensure that your mattress is appropriately sized for your bed frame. If the mattress is too small, it's more likely to slide off and create unwanted additional space at the edges of the frame. If you've been struggling with a queen-size mattress on a king bed frame, it's time to invest in the right mattress size.

    Support Uneven bed frames or slats that are too wide can contribute to an off-balance sleeping surface. If you've noticed creaking or unusual noises coming from your bed, chances are the support structure is the issue.

    No Railing While rail-free bed frames may look appealing, the lack of a border can cause mattresses to move around without restraint. If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, having a railing may be the answer to your problem.

    Not Enough Friction If your mattress is sliding, it could be due to insufficient traction. Compared to other types, latex and memory foam mattresses may have less grip. Casper mattresses can ensure a firm hold, but other brands may lack grip, leading to slippage.

    How to Keep Your Mattress from Sliding

    Now that you've identified the cause of your mattress's unwanted movements, it's time to put an end to it. Discover six easy yet effective ways to stop your mattress from slipping around and prevent any nocturnal disruptions to your sleep.

    Number 1: Rug Pad Grippers

    Rubber pads that keep your floor rugs from wrinkling and creasing can also be used to prevent your mattress from sliding. These versatile and cost-effective rug pad grippers are widely available in different sizes. Investing in them is a low-risk option that can offer tremendous advantages. Placing them between your mattress and support structure, be it slats or a bed platform, is all you need to do.

    Number 2: Non-slip Mattress Pads

    Non-slip mattress pads are another fantastic way to avoid movement of your mattress. Since they are designed specifically for beds, these mattress pads are more enduring and come in standard sizes like king, queen, full, or twin. Apart from preventing your mattress from sliding, a mattress pad may even improve surface-level cushion.

    Number 3: Velcro Tape

    Velcro strips are a well-known way of holding things in place, but have you ever thought of using them on your mattress? A velcro strip attached to the head and foot of your bed frame and mattress is a simple and inexpensive method to prevent the mattress from sliding from side to side.

    Number 4: Vacuum

    Under your bed, small dust bunnies accumulate, but they aren't as harmless as they seem. Dust picked up by your mattress or bed frame creates a slick surface, which allows your mattress to slide across easily. Use your home vacuum's upholstery or mattress tool to rapidly solve this problem.

    Number 5: Add Railing

    Adding a railing to your bed frame is another way of preventing your mattress from sliding, depending on your circumstances. You can purchase an adjustable railing or, if you're handy, construct one yourself.

    Number 6: Mattress Extenders and Gap Fillers

    If your mattress does not fit your frame correctly, you may be able to fill the spaces without having to buy a new mattress. Mattress extenders or gap fillers may give you the length or width you need without breaking the bank, and stuffing or other padding may provide a temporary solution.

    Bonus Hack: Purchase a New Mattress from Casper

    A sliding mattress might keep you up at night and prevent you from getting proper sleep, which can negatively impact your health. You don't have to let a sliding mattress keep you awake any longer. Maybe your mattress is the wrong size for your beloved bed frame, or it's just old and needs to be replaced. Perhaps you have a slippery latex mattress that defies your attempts to craft your way into nocturnal bliss.

    Whatever the case may be, you deserve a good night's sleep, and sometimes, a new mattress is the best way to get there. At Casper, we offer a wide variety of mattresses to cater to all of your sleep needs. While trying these tips and tricks might be helpful in extending the life of your old mattress, a fresh start is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. To learn more about the cost of mattresses, visit our website.


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