6 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Mattress in Place - No More Annoying Sliding!

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There are few things quite as disruptive to a good night's sleep as a mattress that shifts and slides around on its frame. Let's be honest: getting your recommended seven to nine hours on a constantly moving surface can feel like trying to nap in a twisted carnival funhouse. But there's good news! The truth is that a sliding mattress is a problem with several simple solutions. First, you'll need to identify the root cause of the slippage. After that, read on for our quick and easy solutions for preventing your mattress from sliding around.

Casper mattresses provide the perfect combination of grip, support, and comfort to give you an unbeatable night's sleep. With this mattress, no more slipping and sliding through the night.

Why is My Mattress Sliding?

To better understand how to stop your mattress from sliding, you must first discover the root cause. It could be anything from the design of the bed frame to the age and condition of the mattress itself.

These are the common culprits for frequent mattress movement:

    Age of the Mattress - As we sleep, we release oils, sweat, and other secretions that can build up on the mattress surface over time and contribute to slippage. If you've been using the same mattress for over seven years, it may be an indication that you need to take a trip to the mattress store to evaluate your options. There are several telltale signs and symptoms to look out for to determine if your bed is due for a replacement mattress.

    Mattress Size - Your mattress should be the proper size for the bed frame. If it's too small, there will be extra space at the edges, and it's more likely to slide off. Trying to fit a queen-size mattress on a king bed frame, for instance, will inevitably lead to problems, so it's better to remedy the situation by choosing the right mattress size.

    Support - Sleepers might experience an unsteady sleeping surface if there are uneven bed frames or slats that are too wide. If you hear a creak while sleeping, the support structure of the frame could be the actual issue.

    No Railing - Although bed frames without rails appear elegant, it is similar to that of a horse that roams without the fence. If you toss and turn a lot, a railing could help your mattress stay in place.

    Lack of Friction - The absence of enough friction between the mattress and bed frame is usually the reason for slippage. Certain types of mattresses, such as latex and memory foam, might not have enough grip compared to other kinds. Casper mattresses ensure sufficient grip, but if you have another brand on your bed, the material may cause problems.

    How to Keep Mattress from Sliding

    Have you discovered the source of your mattress's nighttime slippage drama?

    If you're searching for a solution, we have six simple tips on how to keep your mattress from sliding around and guaranteeing you a good quality sleep.

    Top Pick: Rug Pad Grippers for Non-Slip Mattress Support

    Running into the issue of a mattress sliding around as you try to catch some z's can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive and easy solutions available. Using rubber rug pad grippers is a simple yet effective remedy that stops your mattress from slipping and bunching up. These pads come in various sizes, making them a perfect fit for any bed frame or mattress dimensions. All you have to do is place the grippers between the support structure and the mattress, whether that's slats or a bed platform.

    Non-Slip Mattress Pads for Added Comfort and Stabilization

    Another excellent option to prevent your mattress from shifting is to get a non-slip mattress pad. These pads are specifically designed for beds, making them more durable than other options. They come in standard sizes, such as twin, king, queen, or full, and, in addition to reducing movement, can also boost the cushioning level of your bed surface.

    Velcro Strips for a Cheap and Easy Solution

    Velcro strips have been around for ages, but you probably never considered using them on your mattress. A velcro strip on the head and foot of your bed frame and mattress is a budget-friendly and straightforward solution to keep the mattress from sliding side to side.

    Vacuuming for a Slip-Free Surface

    Dust accumulation under your bed isn't just an eyesore- they also make the bed frame and mattress surfaces slippery. Use the upholstery tool attachment on your vacuum to quickly clean up and regain a steady, non-slip surface.

    Add a Railing for Extra Stabilization

    If you need some extra stabilization for your mattress, consider adding a railing to your bed frame. You can either buy an adjustable railing or make one yourself if craftsmanship is your thing.

    Mattress Extenders and Gap Fillers for Size Problems

    If you're dealing with a mattress that's too small for your bed frame, using mattress extenders or gap fillers can help you fill the extra space without the need for a new mattress. Alternatively, use stuffing or padding as a more temporary solution.

    Bonus Hack: Upgrade to Casper Mattress

    While the above tips can help you fix an existing issue, sometimes investing in a new mattress is the best way to solve the problem. A sliding mattress can lead to poor sleep quality and negatively impact your health. At Casper, we have a wide range of high-quality mattresses that cater to various sleep preferences. While you might be able to extend your current mattress's useful life with the tips mentioned above, investing in a new, high-quality mattress is a more direct way to ensure you get an excellent night's sleep. Learn more about our various mattress options and their respective costs at the links below.

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